Aug 12, 2012

something about work

"the best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one." - oscar wilde -

will always keep this in mind, all the time except on day off's.

like everytime i'd leave for work and my daughter would beg me not go because since her dad is in Pampanga, she'd want me to tuck her to bed. 

like everytime i think about the shitty graveyard shift. leaving the house during wee hours of the night and praying for a jeep and not taxi because the latter is masakit sa bulsa.

everytime i get home from work and see my daughter eating coco crunch alone in the living room while watching cartoons at 6am. (someone gives her cereals and goes back to sleep because uhm, you know, it's only 6 AM.)

everytime i fall asleep in the middle of feeding my daughter during meal time and waking up only when my  macute yells "wala ng laman!"

everytime i miss family gatherings and birthdays because the off is not a match to the dates.

everytime there is a typhoon and the shift starts at 9:15pm with a 50/50 chance of seeing a jeep because the wind and rain is just that strong.

--who says i'm complaining???