Aug 25, 2012

Human Heart Nature

left - clockwise: kids natural shampoo, mineral lipgloss, hydrating face toner, citronelle bug spray
100% natural massage oil, sunflower beauty oil, natural moisturizing night cream w/ plant collagen, tinted lip balm (flame tree) hydrating facial wash

got my first batch of Human Heart Nature and started using some 2 days ago. 
I never pamper myself, am just happy with the way I look without any beauty regimen whatsoever. 
my personal stuff to buy only consists of deo, bath soap, panty liner, feminine wash and ponds cream.

D never says that I look haggard even though i feel like one. one main reason why i don't bother glamming up. when i feel like it, i wear blush on's and brown eyeliner but that is mainly it. i don't even pluck my eyebrows for cying out loud.

another reason why i never tried to have any beauty regimen is because i am happy with my skin. i never had pimple breakouts. my face is not that oily, in other words, it's not that painful to look in the mirror everyday. i have freckles but only noticeable upclose. the only thing that's bothersome is the black pores on the nose and the black spots from having the ga-pigsang pimple na once in a while lang mag appear.

i read good reviews from famous filipino bloggers abt this product, helga and iya misa. because of them, i got to know the HHN brand. the go all natural and Philippine made got my attention. the ingredients that they use are all natural and for this post, i'ma be sharing some of their brands that i'ma be trying. 

Hydrating Creamy Wash 
- 99.85% natural, it has moringa or commonly known as malunggay

Hydrating Face Toner
- 100% natural
- never dared to use toner before, ever. The all natural concept is just so tempting and knowing that it is, it's not gonna make severe damage just in case.

100% Natural Moisturizing Cream w/ Plant Collagen
- I am always puyat so I need this, I don't want to look that haggard k. Knowing that this cream has skin essential vitamins and minerals, it's a must-try.

Sunflower Beauty Oil
- "miracle in a bottle"
- bought this mainly for my daughter. She has skin asthma and i heard this product works wonders
- i have dark under eyes plus it's good for moisturizing the face

Citronella Bug Spray
- smells like pang lolo, my daughter loves the smell though. Iwas dengue for us.

Natural Massage Oil 
- chose Calming massage oil.
- i use it before I sleep. It has this 3 calming trio: lavender, orange and lemon grass.

Mineral Lip Gloss and Tinted Lip Balm 
- for the mineral lip gloss, haven't tried it yet. chose Coral Beach, nude-like shade. Planning to use it on gimmik nights.
- for the tinted lip balm, I chose Flame Tree and it's an instant favorite. I can't say that the shade is natural because of the red shade. Was skeptical at first because wearing red lipstick/tinted gloss in public takes guts. The redness is not that vulgar, for those 2 weeks of using it, as a person who doesn't like appyling too much on the face, this is all it takes to make me feel like a woman.

Kids Natural Shampoo & Body Wash
- Tangerine Tarsier smells like well, tangerine.
- daughter's say: it smells like candy, she loves it.
- my say: during the first 3 days, my daughter has small rashes on her face, not sure if it has something to do with this product, it disappeared eventually and hope its stays that way.