Aug 27, 2012

meet India. Arie

K-lite fm keeps playing this song which got stuck in my head. thought it was natasha bedingfield but upon further research, found out twas not. thank god for google search, even if you don't know who the artist was,just type the lyrics that you rememeber and it gives you the title and the singer. the song goes like this,"forgiveness, forgiveness, even if you don't love me anymore..." and there it is, the title is 'The Heart of the Matter" by Don Henley. the song was revived by one of my new favorite singer, India Arie.

Some facts about her:
  • Name: India Arie Simpson
  • grammy award-winning American singer-songwriter and record producer
  • has 4 grammy awards including Best r&b album
  • born October 3, 1975
  • song genres: soul, r&b, neo soul, blues, folk, pop
so i downloaded her 3rd studio album, Testimony Vol.1- Life and Relationship which includes the song I liked. the rest of the songs are feel-good music. there are more than 10 songs in this album. songs about coping,faith, and staying strong. it inspires me, like right now, her album is playing on the background, inspires me to blog ganyan. the song that I am telling you about was also included on the sountrack of sex and the city:the movie.

Aug 25, 2012

Human Heart Nature

left - clockwise: kids natural shampoo, mineral lipgloss, hydrating face toner, citronelle bug spray
100% natural massage oil, sunflower beauty oil, natural moisturizing night cream w/ plant collagen, tinted lip balm (flame tree) hydrating facial wash

got my first batch of Human Heart Nature and started using some 2 days ago. 
I never pamper myself, am just happy with the way I look without any beauty regimen whatsoever. 
my personal stuff to buy only consists of deo, bath soap, panty liner, feminine wash and ponds cream.

D never says that I look haggard even though i feel like one. one main reason why i don't bother glamming up. when i feel like it, i wear blush on's and brown eyeliner but that is mainly it. i don't even pluck my eyebrows for cying out loud.

another reason why i never tried to have any beauty regimen is because i am happy with my skin. i never had pimple breakouts. my face is not that oily, in other words, it's not that painful to look in the mirror everyday. i have freckles but only noticeable upclose. the only thing that's bothersome is the black pores on the nose and the black spots from having the ga-pigsang pimple na once in a while lang mag appear.

i read good reviews from famous filipino bloggers abt this product, helga and iya misa. because of them, i got to know the HHN brand. the go all natural and Philippine made got my attention. the ingredients that they use are all natural and for this post, i'ma be sharing some of their brands that i'ma be trying. 

Aug 14, 2012

something random

haven't had all our clothes dried yet and here comes another typhoon.
heard the name's helen. the weekend was all sunny, now, it's all foggy again.

there are no week highlights for me. the only thing i'm looking forward to is D's birthday. we're allowed to visit him this coming Thursday, a day before his birthday. i have work but sacrificing one sleepless shift would be worth it.

excited to start the morning shift, well sort of. it still has its downfalls especially the part where i leave the house at 4am. at least i can tuck pia to bed and leaving the house is not that hard since Pia is still sleeping.

i still smoke more than i used to. that's okay for now, at least it keeps me company during those sleepless nights.

i wish my life's social side would increase even for just a few percent like say 5-10%. if that happens, i have more sensible things to blog about.

for now, i'ma go grab a quick breakfast and will CSI myself to sleep.

Aug 12, 2012

something about work

"the best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one." - oscar wilde -

will always keep this in mind, all the time except on day off's.

like everytime i'd leave for work and my daughter would beg me not go because since her dad is in Pampanga, she'd want me to tuck her to bed. 

like everytime i think about the shitty graveyard shift. leaving the house during wee hours of the night and praying for a jeep and not taxi because the latter is masakit sa bulsa.

everytime i get home from work and see my daughter eating coco crunch alone in the living room while watching cartoons at 6am. (someone gives her cereals and goes back to sleep because uhm, you know, it's only 6 AM.)

everytime i fall asleep in the middle of feeding my daughter during meal time and waking up only when my  macute yells "wala ng laman!"

everytime i miss family gatherings and birthdays because the off is not a match to the dates.

everytime there is a typhoon and the shift starts at 9:15pm with a 50/50 chance of seeing a jeep because the wind and rain is just that strong.

--who says i'm complaining???