Jul 27, 2012

keeping the faith

when problem hits, the first few weeks is the hardest. that is the part when everyone is still groping in the dark. there are not so many questions, we often times have this feeling of hating and pointing fingers, the feeling that there is someone to blame because you just can't handle the situation. praying doesn't help because the mind is closed to whatever reasons concerned people have, it just doesn't help at that moment when the pain is still fresh.

when the mind and heart is ready to listen, that's when everything falls into place. you are ready once again to face the situation, this time, with an open mind and a prayer. you start to see things clearly and in a positive way. you start to cope.

being strong has been the best option but emotions has its limit. there is a time to grieve but don't let it just end there. even if the reason to be strong is faint, tiniest hope can still get into you as long as you're not alone. even at the darkest time, when you feel like there is no one but you whom you can rely on, that whispered name from the heart can bring meaning to life.

and that's when you start to kneel and pray, and just let it all go but still holding to what really matters. prayer is the key, just trust in him and you'll know he's always there to listen.

God, thanks for always being there. <3