Jul 24, 2012

day 4

had to wake up early today. according to mamu, they are having a hard time feeding Pia so she ends up just having milk and candies before bedtime. I am a bit concerned because even though Pia's just 4 years old, I can sense that there is something bothering her and that  started almost 3 weeks ago. I don't want her to look boney/skinny so I have to be a bit strict to her during meal time.

Tatay is already cooking dinner. as for me, after this post, I'ma prepare for work and have to leave the house 45 minutes early so that I can catch the 8:45 shuttle so as to save money instead of taking a cab which costs me 88 pesos tops.

I'ma be getting my first pay tomorrow. not bad for a first.

I am trying to avoid bickering part with the mother. She's trying so hard to let the people know that I am the bad guy and the worst daughter anyone could ever have. she's just something.

I miss you D. i heard that the dark night movie is a must see. As much as I would want to watch it, i'm thinking of skipping for now. you are my movie buddy kaya. I might go watch it if my sister would want to watch it too but if not, na-uh.

Take care D. I'ma see you soon. :)