Jul 22, 2012

day 2

i miss D, so bad.

i can't be alone because if I am, i am gonna loose it. my family whom i've known for so long ain't got my back compared to the support D's family is giving.

D might be 5 hours away from us, am not used to it. i miss the moments when I get home from work and have someone waiting to here how my day was. i miss you because you're my best-est friend ever.

for now, i have to be strong for my macute. she misses you too, uses the blanket you used during the trip. as long as I see her everyday, i know we can get through this.

work will start again tonight. Pia's getting used to sleeping with mama and rain-rain and tatay already.

i miss you kaya. jaheng ulan, pinapa miss ka lalo. *sniff*