Jun 3, 2012

a short story about an internet troll

you are an certified internet troll. a stalker and a psycho, yeah, that's what you are. have to deactivate my facebook because of you and now, you're here again, for sure, reading this and that's why, your level of insecurity reached to its maximum level. have to hide my profile and blog address just to get away from your prying eye. i am sure, after reading this, you go log in to facebook and would post something like "hahaha! ang lula, napaka-idiot, kawawa naman, sa blogger nagtitiis." or "feelers, ang taray ng lula, pa blog blog pa!" 

i decided to not use facebook  "fakebook" 3 months ago. i lived, and still happy without it.

i consider "miss perfect" a psycho because her level of epal-ness is way beyond the supposed boundary. since i don't have facebook anymore, she started sending chat messages to some people who know me and here's how she starts the chat thread: "okay ba kayo ni Jill?" if the answer is yes, she'd tell the person to not mention abt their chat session. If the answer is no, she'd ask updates about me and since she's a pscho, spreading rumors is one of her forte.

if she finds out that i am okay with my life, her thirst for making-someone's life-miserable would start again. if she can't stalk you because your account is private, creating a fake account and adding you up is one of her tactics. and she uses fakebook to spread lies and make herself look like she's way better than martha stewart and mother theresa.

i hate you, go be a bitch somewhere else.

So there.