Jun 9, 2012

oopsypinions about BAYO's latest ad

i get that part when you have mixed blood, you're extra powerful, beatiful and all the extra everything.

this has been a trend.
obviously, people who graces our television screens are the ones who have half mixed blood and people who are related to someone rich or someone who really have that talent, mostly, outcome of reality shows.

i myself wouldn't help but stare at someone (often times inside the jeepney), who has a very fair skin tone, that someone who's nose is extra matangos, anything that you won't see on a typical filipino look.  they are indeed undeniably gorgeous. it is accepted and why not right? they have all the quality of becoming famous someday (refering to the physical aspect).

now, this kind of ad would cause a spark because from my understanding, kababawan as it may seem, it is implying something that would make pure blooded filipinos feel ugly and just be set aside. yes, yes, they have the looks, thanks to their foreigner mom/dad genes and with this ad, what are we when we don't have mixed blood line?

how do we define filipina beauty now? uhm, morena skin... and?? uhm always friendly and hospitable.

i can define it with the traits but the physical part, i am baffled. confused me more because of this ad. i still feel pretty though, i am half igorot and half ilokano. when i was in high school, i had that idea that maybe, i also have a little chinese blood because we are related to someone who's chinese. my mom mentioned this once and honestly, it made me feel extra pretty during my elementary years. *.*

i still feel pretty now. i am just saying that with this kind of ad, the mindset of true filipina beauty would end up with "the mixing".