Jun 2, 2012

June, so not my month

I wonder what June has in store for me.

The only plan that I have for this month is to not plan anything. It is the middle of the year and i still feel a bit restless about what I am going to do for the rest of the year. If there is anthing that comes up, work or any kind of opportunity that would make me inspired and would help make my future brighter, i would grab it. for now, i am okay with what i have thanks to my macute. wanna know why I call my daughter "macute", well, i told her that one of her dolls looks creepy, she said "maganda naman xa momi, macute pa". connection? do u still need that? come on! if you're a mom, you'll get what i mean. so whatever she says or does, i find her so adorable and amusing. love her dearly.

plans? well June is what I consider my "gray" month.

it's hard to make plans when it's rainy and foggy most of the day. i have weakness for sleep and that's what makes it harder. June is the start of wet season and if you're here in Baguio, the hardest part. i am not really curious about what this month has in store for me. am just gonna wait for any opportinties knocking at my door because i am in no mood to look for one. hope am not gonna be that to open the door if it does come knocking.

so there.