Jun 29, 2012

goals- long term

i am a person who seldom plans, just a grab it and go.

long term goals is not my thing and that's one reason why i end up working on/at something for so long, i usually end up feeling like i've wasted those years and was just in it for the money not a career.  during that time, my heart and mind was programmed to what and where i really want to be but due to avoidable circumstances, the "i wish i knew then what i know now" moment, i always end up on the starting line. i am 25, still young but this fact is my main reason why i can't reach that goal where i wanna end up.

i can hear you saying "if you want it, work hard for it" or nothing is impossible in this world" etc.

trust me, i tried. it's just hard to compete with the current generation. man, they're so competetive and fierce. in the media world, one should have a complete package and sadly, i only have a quarter of the appeal & brains.

so 2 weeks ago, i had a goal. it requires a lot of effort of course. the stint that i have now, there's not much competition. i know that some are just in it for the good pay. for me, i planned for the long term goal after all, i feel like i am the only who can give my daughter a good future. relying on someone at this point is like waiting for a unicorn to show up at the end of a rainbow. and that is one thing that motivates me.

just not in it for material things, this is for my future and my child.

so there. ^_^