Jun 30, 2012

converting pdf files to an iPod

this is also for future reference, just incase i forget all the things i did a few minutes ago.:)

just got home an hour ago, (giving you an idea on what my current stint is).
since i am guessing that i will be missing on a few readings because training week is the busiest. anyway when i got home, i openned yahoo.com because that's where i usually update myself with the latest news like adele being pregnant and katy filing a divorce. so anyway, an article caught my eye, uk's fastest paperback to reach 1 million sales. since i just finished reading pittacus lore novels and while waiting for the 3rd book, i thought that this is something worth reading. the thing is, bringing thick books on training is a  no-no, my training manual is kinda thick, no space in my bag. my iPod have 74 gig free space so why not use it right?

so this tutorial "kuno" will help me and some to convert pdf files to an iPod. it's easy and i thought, it's worth sharing. here it is... the steps is how i did it of course but reffered the steps on eHow.

1. download the file using whatever BitTorrent client you're using.

- mine's on winrar so i extracted the file and saved it on my desktop.

- look for the file (in my case, t'was saved on my desktop). open the folder, select the file, open it using adobe reader.

- on adobe reader, click "file" then "save as" and choose .text and select a location to save it.

- go to this site http://ebookcreator.sourceforge.net.  click on the select file, select the text file that you just saved. type the file name (indicate Book 1, Book 2 if applicable) then click upload.

2. while waiting for the file to be converted (it'll take 2-3 minutes for the text file to be converted), connect your iPod.

- on iTunes, make sure that enable disk use is checked. **do not disconnect the iPod yet.

** make sure that there's a lot of space available on your iPod.

- go back to the converter page and click on the title of the book, colored green link, wait for the download to finish.

- click on the downloaded file, winrar opens it for you.

- extract it to the Notes folder on your iPod.

*** if you don't know where the notes folder is, just click on "my computer", choose removable disk or usually, name of your ipod. folders in you iPod opens up, look for notes.

that's it, i have my eBook downloaded (3 books) in just 30 minutes.
though the screen is a bit small, it will do for now since i can't afford buying a tablet like kindle fire yet. in my case, my iPod is small and convenient to bring anywhere, it's not that obvious if i read during boring discussions. ;)

okay, gotta start reading.