May 9, 2012


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When I left the house, everything was in place, the floor was well scrubbed, made sure that the cups and plates are washed and in the cabinet, in short, spick and span. When I got home from work, the house was a mess so, I cried.

For once, I would want to go home to a house that's clean.
The reason why I make sure that the house is all clean before I leave for work is besides wanting a clean house, I want my in-laws to feel relaxed when they get home from "pwesto". I don't mind cleaning really. The thing that I am pissed about is the scattered shoes and undies, pieces of paper from the kids of my salahulang kasama sa bahay. 

I would not want to call someone like her as a sister-in-law because I just don't want to. Am good with just kasama sa bahay. Normally, some couples have issues with the mom-in-law, in my case, the issue is with someone whom I live with and has deep shit issues. What my main concern here is the discipline part. I make sure that my daughter cleans her own mess. I teach her and always remind her about putting her toys in the toy box, putting her notebooks and pencils inside her backpack and other things that a four year old kid should learn and know about. In her case, she has 2 kids and either of the 2, I can't control. Her 5 year old kid answers back when I ask her to put her shoes in the shoe box. The 3 year old one is also hard headed and like playing on her pee. Need I say more? The mother of these 2 has some loose screw because she doesn't care at all. As I said, I don't mind cleaning, I just don't like picking up pieces of things not from my daughter knowing that the other 2 kids has a mother who should be doing it and not acting like she has her own house maid.