May 1, 2012

the jinx

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I am a "jinx-er", if there is such a word like this. If I say good things about something and someone, they turn out to be the opposite of what I thought they were (well in some aspects). No matter how long I've been there or have known them, they still turn out to be something I thought they weren't.

I have been keeping my compliments and good talks to people. Instead, I just show them how I appreciate them for having great personality by being nice to them (no compliments at that)  *-*.

On my previous post, I shared a few good things about my job. It was great when I was blogging about it, it turned not-so-great after I published the post. There are other circumstances similar to this, mostly about a person.

I assessed myself since then and it might not be the jinx but how I get disappointed easily. Either way, I still think its the jinx. I don't give compliments that much after so long of assessing and it worked out fine. I won't blog about anything that has compliments with it. I will still blog about giving reviews. Wait, giving reviews and giving compliments is different right?? #imsosloppythatswhy