May 14, 2012

j-j-j jeans

since jeans is the type of pants i have always been wearing (besides the pajamas), it makes me sad to know that there are only a few choices of designs available here in the city. yeah, we do have h&m, bench and levis jeans but, for a student like me, i would really want a less expensive pair with a unique look.

this is the problem when it comes to shopping for pants and jeans, there are a lot but the designs are bland. honestly speaking, I only have 7 pairs of pants and 1, i have been using for almost 4 years. during the holidays where I get extra money from the relatives, i would go shopping for anything except the pants because i get bored easily. imagine having to go to lots of jeans store, rummaging through racks and racks of pants but besides the color, the only difference is the brand.

i tried browsing online but it's either i don't have the size, it's expensive or, available only outside of the country. if they ship it here, the fee is costly. i visited just to check some jeans i would really like to own and here are some:

these are cropped pants which i seldom see people using, in Baguio that is. The fourth one is my favorite and i am dying to own a pair. it is perfect for chucks of heels. i was watching a movie earlier and i saw the lead character wearing one like this. I started google-ing some DIY's for this, although i'd rather buy a pair. there are thousands of pants and jeans to choose from on if you know an online shop here in the Philippines that sells & ships cheap, comment ahead.