May 31, 2012

le confucious

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 hi. first of all, i've been neglecting my blog, and here I am wondering why my blog traffic is at pit bottom. i also have to change the settings so as not be found on any search engines. my blog is more accurate when it comes to updates about my "awesome" life and the reason behind deactivating my facebook will solely defeat the aim which is getting away from the perfect barbie dolls. as well as you know me already, i blog when i whine and mostly when I get confused. blogging about serious stuff doesn't make me that fulfilled at the end of the day because in reality, my life is really all that colorful and sunny . where am i getting at, am not sure,hence the current mood.

May 14, 2012

j-j-j jeans

since jeans is the type of pants i have always been wearing (besides the pajamas), it makes me sad to know that there are only a few choices of designs available here in the city. yeah, we do have h&m, bench and levis jeans but, for a student like me, i would really want a less expensive pair with a unique look.

this is the problem when it comes to shopping for pants and jeans, there are a lot but the designs are bland. honestly speaking, I only have 7 pairs of pants and 1, i have been using for almost 4 years. during the holidays where I get extra money from the relatives, i would go shopping for anything except the pants because i get bored easily. imagine having to go to lots of jeans store, rummaging through racks and racks of pants but besides the color, the only difference is the brand.

May 9, 2012


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When I left the house, everything was in place, the floor was well scrubbed, made sure that the cups and plates are washed and in the cabinet, in short, spick and span. When I got home from work, the house was a mess so, I cried.

For once, I would want to go home to a house that's clean.
The reason why I make sure that the house is all clean before I leave for work is besides wanting a clean house, I want my in-laws to feel relaxed when they get home from "pwesto". I don't mind cleaning really. The thing that I am pissed about is the scattered shoes and undies, pieces of paper from the kids of my salahulang kasama sa bahay. 

May 1, 2012

the jinx

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I am a "jinx-er", if there is such a word like this. If I say good things about something and someone, they turn out to be the opposite of what I thought they were (well in some aspects). No matter how long I've been there or have known them, they still turn out to be something I thought they weren't.

I have been keeping my compliments and good talks to people. Instead, I just show them how I appreciate them for having great personality by being nice to them (no compliments at that)  *-*.