Apr 18, 2012

perks of a part-timer

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Cheers and happy anniversary to me!
Yes, I have been working for a year now as an online tutor at Infuturo.Inc (formerly Blue & Beyond). I love working here, not the perfect one of course but I love working as a part-timer. I lasted that long and I am still having fun. This is my 3rd job actually but a first when it comes to online tutoring.
Aside from working part-time, there are other things that makes me want to renew my contract with the company. My list,you may consider it as "mababaw"  (lame) reasons but mind you, this list are way better than my previous job perks. 

The management is great! My team leader, AO, mommy Jo the accountant, IT and the maintenance guys, we're all tight. I don't need to kiss-ass just to have students.

Surfing is free.

We have wi-fi too! Good for foursquare-ing. :D

The pay is enough for a part-timer.

Smoke anytime you want as long as you don't have class of course.

I can bring my kid to the office if there is no available sitter.

We can play basketball during break time.

It is just 15 minutes away from home.

It is along the road and perfect because there are Aurora Hill jeeps that passes by, papara lang sa may tapat, okay na.

I love working here, hawak ko ang oras. Wala na madame arte, kailangan mag paalam pag ganto, ganyan. Meetings are done like every after 3 months. No OT required. We have benefits too like SSS and PhilHealth. If you are a student, a mother or someone who wants to work na parang hindi nag wo-work, apply ka na, refer pa kita.

So there, happy 1 year to me. Here's to another year? I guess. _kBye_