Apr 1, 2012

feel the month of April

taken earlier today from our terrace :)
A new month. 
Holy Week and April Fools' Day are this month's event but for me, I have one more to add and that is the birth of my now turning four years old daughter. She was born on April 10, 2008 - she's just so adorable, and like most moms, every child is indeed a blessing. :)

For this month, I don't have that much expectation. One thing that I am hoping though is that whatever I choose and plan to do, I hope I get lucky and the fruit of it would come with a pat on the back before the month ends.

If your wondering why I chose this picture for this post, well, just look at the sun (and the sky), doesn't that make you feel inspired and gives you a holy-like feeling? I don't know about you but this picture made me want to pray and at the same time I feel blessed because all the people I know are safe. Since this is a month that is very important for Christians, I guess it is the most appropriate picture. Here's to Holy week and for a new month. _kBye_