Mar 31, 2012

mom bum

It's been 2 weeks since the 2nd semestral break and that meant 2 weeks of slacking for me. If not for my part time stint, I can say that I am a full-time mom bum. After the stress I went through during the last days of the semester, felt like it drained 2 weeks of my power and since this is the second week already,  I am ready to look for a day job. I am not planning to enroll this coming summer so, I need to look for a job to have more kaching and having to sleep til 12 pm, I've had enough of that.

I am looking for a home-based job and I only have one option for now. Someone suggested applying at a call center and I said I am not that desperate. I mean my sister is working at a callcenter now and that I think is what makes her happy. Me hating on callcenters, blame it to the 3 years experience I had 2 years ago. I want to work there maybe 10 years from now if no other company would want to accept me because I am too old but for now, no way. 

I applied to one ad already but the chance is not that good. I have one more perspective but I have to practice my listening and typing skill because that is one requirement if I want to work as a transcriptionist. I prefer having to work at home because uhm...I have a daughter. 

I guess that since I don't have a day job yet, I have to extend my slacking wants and that also means a week of downloading movies online (not-so-illegally) and gaining weight. The sleeping til lunch time should change though, instead of rest, its makes my back hurt. I already invited my sister to join me for a jog tomorrow, while waiting for her reply, I have to think of plan B.

Well, wish me luck. _kBye_