Mar 25, 2012

The Mario's Experience

2 weeks ago and a post 2 weeks overdue...I know, professional blogger that I am...  a few Baguio bloggers were invited to attend the first ever blogger event here in Baguio. I thought that it was just a get together to meet fellow Baguio bloggers but when I found out that a blogger from Manila was the one who organized it, I went like "weehh". The reason for that reaction?
Well, because bloggers from Manila are like celebrities because unlike here in Baguio, there are a lot of events for popular bloggers and they even give awards which I think is cool. So when at Ane said some Manila bloggers will be coming too, I was so happy and excited. Btw, thanks to ate Ane because if not for you, I won't be invited. If you haven't dropped by her site yet, you should be because she is like the most popular blogger in Baguio.

Okay, going to the main topic, Mario's is like the fanciest restaurant here in the City of Pines. I only tried eating there once but that was 7 or 8 years ago. I forgot the experience because back then, jabee and mcdo type-of-food is what I enjoy eating. After the event, I promised myself that if there is a special occasion, I would include this restaurant as one of my options. So while waiting for the dishes to be served, I browsed through the menu and I noticed that most of the food sounded french-ish and mouth watering. When I looked at the prices, it was a bit expensive for me but when they served the food, I tell, you can get your money's worth. I will definitely bring my parent's here because I would like to experience the feeling of dining out of the country without living the city once in a while.

Here are some of the pics for the night's event:

The Menu :)

table set up :D

I also got the privilege to meet the head chef:

Chef Anton Benitez, son of Mario & Nenuca Benitez
Owner of Mario's
I also get to meet the manager of Mario's

The FOOD! :D

Cheezy Garlic Green Mussels

Calamares Fritos
Mario's Ceasar Salad


French Onion Soup
BBQ Spare Ribs
Green Mango Shake 

Seafood Linguine

The dessert: they showed us how this heaven on earth was made.

Strawberry Jubilee (the chef showed us how it's made)

After all those food, we also were given a token. :)

Thanks for these tokens! <3

Picture, picture! Baguio Bloggers and Manila Bloggers with the people & the reason behind the success of Mario's.

Sa uulitin! T'was nice meeting all of these lovely people. :D _kBye_

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  1. Weeh, most popular blogger in Baguio ka dyan! :P hahaha :D

    Thanks for the linky love Jill! :)

    I'll definitely call you for future blogger events! :D