Mar 11, 2012

kyot new template

I am not really sure if my new template is suitable for the contents of what I post because I am so random and most of my posts are rants if not, anything but not about being a mom. I don't know, I just fell in love with the font used that's why I downloaded it. I am a bit sad because my old theme was something that I tweaked so patiently, took me 3 days to come up with it. Now I am not sure of I can still see it the same way it was even if I saved it on my computer. That is just who I am, I feel sad loosing something but since it's making me loose my blogging mojo, might as well change it right? Not sure how long this template will stick to my blog but whenever that is, changing my template made me blog again. So this week would be very busy one because it's finals week. Was supposed to blog about the blog event that me and my sister attended to last night but the pictures are still with my sister so hopefully, can make that post before the week ends. Right now, I am loving this cute baby theme. _kBye_