Mar 3, 2012

extra busy on a Saturday night

The start of the month was very busy because our finals is in 2 weeks and that means its going to be extra extra busy. I just wish I can file 2 weeks leave from work so I can concentrate but for a part-timer like me, the only thing they would allow me to do is resign or stay. But anyway, I would really like to keep my job especially that I am not planning to attend summer class. I have plans for the summer already, I am just waiting for the right time to tell my mom about it, she's expecting me to attend summer class that's why.

So for tonight's stuff-to-do, I will try to finish 3 final requirements and those are:
  1. ...will look for news about alien sightings from  anywhere in the world (I only need 1) then download it and burn it on a CD. Afterwards, I will be incorporating maybe 5 theories that we discussed with ma'am Xenia Ribaya  (I wanted to include her complete name because I am a fan of hers. To some of you who don't know, she is a former field reporter of ABS-CBN Northern Luzon and it is such an honor for me to learn from her). I also have to make a slide show about the report.
  2. Next, I have to make a video or demo reel about broadcasting, I have to incorporate film, blog and a video of myself of course and maybe bits about news reporting. I already have a concept and now, I am trying to install a free movie maker software. I chose Pinnacle instead of Adobe Premiere, if you've seen the software format, you will understand why.
  3. Last is for my English4 subject and our final requirement is to make and deliver an informative speech. I don't have a topic yet but will get to that eventually.:)
My top priority would be 1 and 3, editing a video would take some time. I have to start it already though for me not to forget about my concept and besides, it is nice to start while idea is still fresh. So, my Saturday night is all planned out, I just hope I won't procrastinate again. What are your Saturday plans?:)