Mar 31, 2012

apps I love

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So me and my sister swapped phones. She has an android phone and mine's a smart phone. I liked my smart phone because of the camera, it has 8mp and I thought, since my blog lacks colorful pics, it would help me take crisp pictures without the editing part. 6 months after, my blog still lacks colorful pics and my phone was seldom used actually, only for texting.  

So the 3 days ago, my sister dropped by our house and I asked her if she wants to exchange phones for the mean time and she agreed, no questions asked.After almost 4 days of using her phone, I seldom opened my laptop. My sister has an amazing phone and I'm surprised that she didn't know that. I mean, I can check my emails, update my twitter, install a lot of api's for me and my daughter it's just so darn amazing. On my smart phone, sure I can check emails and update my twitter but then, the usability is not that good. I have to make sure that I have not-so-long nails to press the letters and with that, I'd rather use the laptop to tweet, the tip of my fingers would be full of kalyo by the time I'm done replying to my emails. For 3 days, I slept late searching for helpful api's, it is addictive I tell you.:D

So far, this are some of the api's that makes me love android phones more.:)

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Specifically this one. I fell in love with the cuteness of this messaging api specifically this theme. Noticed the fonts, it's so sute right? It allows you to send sms and mms via Go Chat feature which I think is cool. It has other nice features like private box,scheduled sms  and pop-up quick reply. If you want a messaging app that has themes that matches your personality & screams cuteness, I recommend this.

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The photo effects are quite the same as   
iPhone's famous photo app, Instagram.

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Since I can't use check in's anymore since I don't have facebook, this app is perfect for my twitter account plus, because of this app, I now know the names of the resto's. I am from Baguio but I still don't know the names of most places here.:)

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I was using twitpic but for some reason, doesn't want to work on my web browser and  this is the only app that lets me share photos at the same time, the photos appears on my recent messages on twitter.

These are just some of the apps that I love. I think my sister is getting used to using my phone too. I think  having apps on the phone is not a big deal for her, besides she prefers music. The speaker of her phone is busted and I think that is one reason why she agreed that we swap phones. I am going to sell my phone btw, I am switching to android and she told me, I can use her phone while we search for a buyer. 

So if you have an android phone, try these apps, might be simple ones but that is just how Jill likes it. _kBye_

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  1. i like the photo app.cant afford an iphone so having free apps like ths is nice.