Mar 16, 2012

angel among us

(image by google)

A picture that best describes our finals week. 

I have 2 more videos to edit tomorrow. Could have been one but since one of my dearest friend decided to make his own group, I'm left with no choice but to work all by myself. The other day, I was ready to give up, my brain is slowly digesting the fact that I will have an incomplete status on one of my subjects. Being left in the middle of a battle is devastating but I don't want to just stand there and look stupid because someone just decided to leave me behind.
 I racked my brains out on what options I have left, with 2 days left before the deadline, it is impossible to make a 15 minutes documentary about an Igorot culture knowing that everyone at school is busy rushing their final requirement and I have no one else but me to rely on. Did I mention that it is impossible? Yes, so I decided to go home and cry it out but then lo and behold, God sent me an angel by the name of Jovs (ate Jovelyn).  I bumped into her while I was busy plotting my revenge to my good old friend who ditched me with the project, the person who, in the first place gave me this problem. Going back to ate Jovs, she asked me where I was heading, you know the casual-and-supposedly-short-conversation-which-turned-into-a-nobelang usapan. And since both of us is not that in a hurry, I told her about my dilemma. She started suggesting names of people she knows who can help. She even suggested we interview an American who lives in an Igorot house but then I remembered and told her that I am super pressed for time and then...a miracle happened. She took her cellphone out, showed me a video of her relatives doing a canao ritual that happened recently and for which she decided to record. The happiest part there is she was willing to let me use the video (no copyright violation). I was so happy I almost did a cartwheel on the lobby of our school (I didn't because I was wearing semi-formal clothes that time). I got the videos yesterday and I also downloaded a 30 day trial video editor which is not working (curse you!) so now, after publishing this post, I'ma go to bed and be up early for school, go directly to the media lab  so I can edit the video from there. There are a lot of things to do. I have to make it work because God already sent me the tools to use, it's my turn to do the rest. Thanks to ate Jovs, one of my angel because I am such an angel-believer. _kBye_