Feb 23, 2012

weather and such

The weather in Baguio has been unpredictable the past few weeks now. It rained so hard yesterday,  thank God me and my kid reached the house and just cozily listened to the hard pour while watching some DVDs. Usually when the weather goes crazy, the first thing we think about is that it's the cause of global warming. Rainy season should not start this early right? I mean, the people in Baguio are used to having gloomy weather but not with rain the whole week on the month of February. Some of my students in Korea are also surprised about how their weather is changing. 3 weeks ago, their country experienced a negative something degrees that only happened 55 years ago. It seems like it has something to do I guess with how our earth is changing and everything around it does too including the weather.  Because of the crazy weather that we have, kids and even grown ups are prone to having colds. I wish I know how to make mogwa-cha and yuja-cha, tea and the rain would be a perfect match especially with the weather that we have here in the city.

#somerandom stuff - A few rains during summer would be cool because I just hate hot weather.