Feb 29, 2012

adios feb & fb!

This month has been one hell of a month. It has been a stressful one I tell you and it is not really that surprising when you are a student.

I learned a lot though and also, I got rid of some of the things that adds up to my already topsy-turvy  life and one of that is my facebook account. yep, no more facebook for me (for now). At first, it was hard because it is one of the tabs that never gets closed because of so many reasons which I know you FB users already know but surprisingly and hurray to me because I survived a month without facebook. I only deactivated it, not permanently deleted it because I still love that social networking site. I will activate it someday when I am ready but for now, I will be spending most of my time on twitter, tumblr and blogspot of course.

This month is quite the same as the previous months and will be stressful for the next months to come! Being a student is hard okay? So, see you next month, yah? :) _kBye_