Jan 23, 2012

unfriended someone for the first time

The act of removing a friend from your facebook account.

Compulsive people prune their friend list periodically, removing people that they no longer have contact with. More often though, unfriending is only done when a particular friend's updates and self-promotions become so annoying that you can no longer stand hearing about them. Or you might unfriend someone when they piss you off, however, this is not very effective since the person who is unfriended is not notified that you unfriended them and you'd be better off to keep them as a friend and plot your revenge. -urbandictionary_

...but not when we share the same school and same building pa. 2 more years and I can completely unfriend you from my life.

I really don't need to be constantly updated with your abviously- making - other - people - feel - they - have - lame life. You see me at school and greet me with your obviously plastic smile. I mean, why bother, I'd rather have you ignoring me rather than showing that "ngising aso" that you've mastered so well, others can't tell anymore which is the real smile of yours.

Age doesn't count here not unless your brain is still stuck in high school  which I think is most likely the case. Involving yourself with high school dramas is a pathetic move just so people will notice you at school. And so what if your bff's mom is the manager of some big time hotel or your aunt is the events coordinator at school or you spend your Christmas vacation in another country. Yes, yes, I get it, your family is rich. My problem here is, you don't have to constantly remind us that your living the life.

Every time we have a meeting, you start a story about how your day was. It's okay really but when you insert the words "my condo", "my car", & "my dad knows someone" cum-on!!!

Do I sound like I am a hater here?? Call it anyway you want. For now, I am okay knowing that your always-bragging status won't appear on my feeds. I just have to endure 2 years of seeing you around campus with that nakakasira - ng - araw pes.