Jan 26, 2012

tumblr-ing :)

Isang maginaw na Baguio to all! :)

Quick post dearies! I am reblogging a lot on tumblr  and tonight, my mom blog is active again after 8 months of not posting anything. I chose another theme for my 2 tumblr blogs that is why I am having a hard time blogging using blogspot. The fonts I am using are so kyot,  I can't decide whether to post a blog entry there instead of here. What made me change my mind? I love this blog so much and I promised myself that I won't delete it.

If you have time, please drop by on my tumblr site: jillgee.tumblr.com  and my tumblr mom blog jillandpia.tumblr.com.

Quick lang so _kBye_