Jan 17, 2012

Random Tuesday


And because it's a Tuesday, it's time to get random ^.^

Not Manila Virgin anymore! - Last weekend, after 15 years, I finally get to visit Manila again to attend my dad's youngest brother's wedding. I ain't Manila virgin anymore. Happy to say that I was able to enjoy the safe side of Manila. Because of that, if I will be having an o.j.t. in Manila, I won't be that scared anymore. That city is always the "laman ng balita" which in most cases, has a scary story to tell. Before stepping to Manila, my impression is, I have a 50/50 chance of getting home safely. Now, it changed a lot. We stayed at a hotel in Ortigas, we strolled a bit but only within the city proper. I want to go back there again, hopefully, get a place where its safe, not the eskinita type of place.

My sister will be moving to my university! - Yehey to that! ^_^  My older sister is studying at the University of the Cordilleras taking up Education. She wasn't able to enroll this sem because most of her subjects were not offered. My mom was thinking that since the school is tri-sem, my sister has high chance of graduating early. Well it turned out the other way around. That is why she is moving to where I am studying (University of Baguio) and I am excited because I don't have a lot of friends at school and it's nice to see someone I cam really trust along the hallway. The only thing I am sad about is I don't have anyone to borrow clothes from if I want to be extra kyot at school. She has a lot of pretty clothes and I don't. Well, might as well start earning.

Kids at school are just so annoying! - period.

Loans are just a pain in the butt. - I asked for a loan 3 months ago and until now, I am paying for it because of the interest. 15% interest is hard to pay for a part time worker. I swear, this will be my last loan. I got a new cellphone, its not that expensive but because of the loan with high interest, I feel like I am paying for the iPhone4s.

I want a scooter. ^.^  - having to go home at 11 pm is scary.  Growing number of missing girls and rape cases here in Baguio is alarming that's why it is scary even if my house is just 20 minutes away from my workplace.

I won't change my blog address ever again. - Some of my post can't be accessed anymore because I changed my blog address several times. I used linkwithin and that's when I noticed that most of my post can't be accessed because it is linked to my old URL. sucks. o.0

That's about it. _kBye_
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  1. Hello po Ms Jill! Thanks for the comment :) Panuorin mo ang movie with the kids. For sure, mag-eenjoy kayo :)

    Agree rin ako sa last random thought mo. Mahirap ang papalit-palit ng blog address. So dapat pag-isipan talaga bago kumuha ng own url..

    1. Hi Algene! thanks for dropping by.:)Hoping din na eto na talaga permanent blog address ko.^.^