Jan 23, 2012

on looking like a basura

No matter which angle I look in photos, I still look like a basura, yah a basura (trash).

I mean, I like what I see in the mirror every morning but when it comes to photos, I look so haggard and stressed with the oily pes plus the not so appealing hair, in short a basura. That is why, I'd rather use stolen shots as my primary photo rather than the projected one because I look like crap, my whole physical look sucks.

Don't get me wrong, I love myself, I do, BUT when it comes to group pictures, I end up looking like the ugliest person (at least in most shots). Last Christmas, I bought some make up to help me look less like a basura, it helps when I am walking along the hallway at school because it makes me look so fresh but why is it different in pictures. Sampol? eto...

I chose this to emphasize my ugly pes and how haggard I look. I am not a beer endorser and not being proud to be a drunkard or something, its just that most of my pictures either sucked so bad or it's a group picture. Is it the hair or maybe the bushy eyebrow or the whole face lang talaga. I will work on the hair first then the rest, if its the same, Belo na to.^.^

If you wanna see more of my ugly face, check it on my facebook timeline. Most of my pictures were tagged so expect it to be more worse than this.

Man, my self esteem dropped from 40% to twenty. Blogging about it didn't help at all. Oh well, at least I know what I really need to work on. _kBye_