Jan 5, 2012

on back to school and waking up early

PhotobucketSo school started today.

It was quite a sad day because, well... school started. And because I can't do anything about it, I just have to embrace and welcome the sad truth that my 3 months left for this semester already started. There goes my supposedly-time-for-Pia.

Well, it ended okay I guess. I saw some of my grades already. I made it but I have 1 line of seven. I am expecting 2 and that is MasMed1 a.k.a Laws and Ethics of Mass Media which I find very hard. The exam result was not that good even though I did try my best.

Besides the exam result and the back to school reality, the waking-up-early part is something that made me feel sad pissed today.  Photobucket I wanted to do this to my alarm clock earlier but I can't because the alarm clock that I am using is D's phone. I am not a morning person and waking up early makes me feel grumpy. Even though my class starts at 10:30 am, I still find it hard to wake up at 9, for me, 9 am is 6 am.

...and because its back to school time, I am going to be extra busy. I'ma end this post now because I have 2 reports to prepare in 2 days and one requires a recordings that needs to be transcribed. Before I say goodnight, I have one question to leave tonight and that is, should I sleep now and wake up early tomorrow to finish one report? or should I just finish one tonight before going to bed. I am planning to choose the latter but I am so darn sleepy.

Orayt, goodnight and _kBye_