Jan 3, 2012

jill is making good resolutions for this new year!

Commonly seen on blogs and this time, include mine on your list. I want my resolutions to be do-able and I have a few that I want to share.  This resolutions will hopefully help me in reducing my stress because last year was super stressful, you can see it on the circles surrounding my eyes. Anyway, its something common, in other words, I have here, a boring list.
Procrastinating  is something that gave me the mid-level of where I am now. I survived with a procrastinating attitude but, gave me lots of stress. Weird because one thing that I hate is being rushed into finishing something. I will have to work on this because I want my 2012 to be less stressful.

Higher Grades (not below 80). Being a scholar is stressful especially for a mother like me. I have to juggle both studies and mommy hood plus my part time job and social life. For this semester, I need to not have a grade below 80 if I still want to keep my full scholarship. But as I said, this are do-able resolutions so kaya yan!

Time management is something that I am poor at doing. If there is something that I have to finish but the allotted  time given is plenty, I skip it and proceed to my other to-do list. Sort of related to procrastinating so I really need to work on this.

Responsibility in all aspects. Sad because I once again deactivated my other blog and went back to this one. I made a few posts there that I sort of neglected this blog and it made me feel bad. Since sticking to this blog is included on my do-able list, I will stick to this one until the end of the year and the next years to come. Other than this, there are other things that I need to prioritize and be responsible about and that includes being a great mom, be an achiever (maybe) and a lot more, I'm just lazy to include on this post.

Earning is a must for this year. Pia is going to start school this year and I am planning to enroll her at a school that is quite costly. Its okay as long as she will learn a lot. She doesn't know how to write and read yet and one of the things that I want to achieve this year is to see my daughter writing her name all by herself. Also, last year, I have been neglecting myself with things that I wanted to buy and this year, I hope that at least I can pamper myself with things that I want. The things that I want is just simple things, not the gadgets or anything expensive, just personal stuff like maybe a pair of class-A oxford shoes. ^.^

Gaining weight. ^_^ I am thin period and hopefully, a few extra pounds would make me more appealing. I look like a high school student and some people at school treats me like one instead of a 25 year old student. Kind of flattering but I am not liking it.

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