Jan 19, 2012

typical day with added smileys

Photobucket*alarm clock ringing*
checked the time, waiting for 5 more snoozes. Okay, time to get up.

PhotobucketPia! Nag agahan ka na? ( Pia, have you had breakfast already?)
* greets everyone in the house a good morning*

Photobucket Walks towards the kitchen, time to make coffee, not bothered showing the world how messy the hair is. Heads back to the room and searches for the pod. Chooses the playlist Photobucket...head to the terrace and lights up a cigarettePhotobucket. 5 minutes before feeling completely awake...then heads to the shower.

15 minutes is all that's needed to look presentable...kisses Pia and then heads to school.

MWF - 5 gruelling hours. TTh - 4 hours then heads to work afterwards.

11 pm, heads home, Pia is already asleep. Deciding to have dinner or not, while undecided, checks social networking site for an hour Photobucket. 12 midnight, finally having dinner. Heads to the terrace again, another puff for the day, hopefully the last one.

1 pm, homework is waiting but decides to procrastinate. Last: saying goodnight to the world. Tomorrow, it'll start all over again...