Jan 2, 2012

about ditching and a Happy New Year dearies!

Ditched the old blog and will be sticking to this on the next few months. I got so disappointed not winning the blog make-over from Kaye. 2 days ago, I was like so determined to win but sadly I didn't. The holidays kept me from winning. Yep, a lot of family activities stopped me from winning a make-over. I tried to beat mommy Jes's number of comments but 600 is so tough to beat if 2 hours is all I have left before the deadline. I ended up as the 3rd runner-up though :)

Disappointed as I am, like an hour before the deadline, I realized that I won't be able to meet the top commentator that is why I joined the other giveaway which is having a free header, not bad ey? All I had to do was post on my facebook wall that I wanted to win one.Crossing my fingers. ^_^

So after 2 hours, minutes before making this post, I feel a lot better already. Why? Well, because I believe that "There is always a positive side." and in this case, I met great bloggers. They are inspiring in a way that I started following them. I gained new online friends dearies and I am so happy to include them on my daily blog hops.

I did not win, yes, but at least, despite the pressure of winning, I still am happy because its New Year and its something that we should all be happy about.

Happy 2012 dearies!  _kBye_