Jan 26, 2012

tumblr-ing :)

Isang maginaw na Baguio to all! :)

Quick post dearies! I am reblogging a lot on tumblr  and tonight, my mom blog is active again after 8 months of not posting anything. I chose another theme for my 2 tumblr blogs that is why I am having a hard time blogging using blogspot. The fonts I am using are so kyot,  I can't decide whether to post a blog entry there instead of here. What made me change my mind? I love this blog so much and I promised myself that I won't delete it.

If you have time, please drop by on my tumblr site: jillgee.tumblr.com  and my tumblr mom blog jillandpia.tumblr.com.

Quick lang so _kBye_

Jan 23, 2012

Music Monday: not like the movies

Happy MM! Here's my song for this week. It's a senti song, a relaxing one.

Downloaded Katy Perry's latest album, Teenage Dream and so far, I am loving all her songs. No wonder she's the one of the most talked about singer, her album is just awesome.

This song kinda make me nostalgic, the same effect as Adele's someone like you.

Well here it is, enjoy your Monday dearies!

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. Rules are simple. Leave ONLY the ACTUAL LINK POST here and grab the code below and place it at your blog entry. You can grab this code at LadyJava's Lounge Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

PS: Because of spamming purposes, the linky will be closed on Thursday of each week at midnight, Malaysian Time. Thank you!

unfriended someone for the first time

The act of removing a friend from your facebook account.

Compulsive people prune their friend list periodically, removing people that they no longer have contact with. More often though, unfriending is only done when a particular friend's updates and self-promotions become so annoying that you can no longer stand hearing about them. Or you might unfriend someone when they piss you off, however, this is not very effective since the person who is unfriended is not notified that you unfriended them and you'd be better off to keep them as a friend and plot your revenge. -urbandictionary_

on looking like a basura

No matter which angle I look in photos, I still look like a basura, yah a basura (trash).

I mean, I like what I see in the mirror every morning but when it comes to photos, I look so haggard and stressed with the oily pes plus the not so appealing hair, in short a basura. That is why, I'd rather use stolen shots as my primary photo rather than the projected one because I look like crap, my whole physical look sucks.

Don't get me wrong, I love myself, I do, BUT when it comes to group pictures, I end up looking like the ugliest person (at least in most shots). Last Christmas, I bought some make up to help me look less like a basura, it helps when I am walking along the hallway at school because it makes me look so fresh but why is it different in pictures. Sampol? eto...

trying my luck again

...and hoping that its gonna be mine this time. The nth time that I keep telling my self to push my luck even though it haven't been (never worked) on giveaways and raffles. This is the 3rd time for me to join blog giveaways and hoping, really hoping that I win this.

Here's the main reason why... well, uhm.... because my year started okay and if I win this, it is a sign that it is indeed a not-so-crappy year for me. Oh yeah, before I forget, the thing that I want to win is a Kindle Fire tablet. Owning one would be a very big help in my studies. As a broadcasting student, I need to be in the know of the latest happenings. I also love reading books and I haven't read one for a while now because of my busy schedule. If I own a tablet, despite being always on the go, I still get to check my emails and update myself with current news because I have this handy gadget. Not that it matters to you but this is going to be the fanciest gadget I ever get to own. Most of the gadgets that I am using are second hand or hand me downs so it'll be really cool if I get my hands on this tablet.

I can tell you a lot of  other good reasons but I will keep it to myself for now. As I said, my luck at winning is not really working when it comes to this. For now, I'ma nonchalantly think of other things to keep me busy instead of checking Dragon Blogger's site everyday. I mean, I am keeping my hopes up. _kBye_

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Jan 19, 2012

typical day with added smileys

Photobucket*alarm clock ringing*
checked the time, waiting for 5 more snoozes. Okay, time to get up.

PhotobucketPia! Nag agahan ka na? ( Pia, have you had breakfast already?)
* greets everyone in the house a good morning*

Photobucket Walks towards the kitchen, time to make coffee, not bothered showing the world how messy the hair is. Heads back to the room and searches for the pod. Chooses the playlist Photobucket...head to the terrace and lights up a cigarettePhotobucket. 5 minutes before feeling completely awake...then heads to the shower.

15 minutes is all that's needed to look presentable...kisses Pia and then heads to school.

MWF - 5 gruelling hours. TTh - 4 hours then heads to work afterwards.

11 pm, heads home, Pia is already asleep. Deciding to have dinner or not, while undecided, checks social networking site for an hour Photobucket. 12 midnight, finally having dinner. Heads to the terrace again, another puff for the day, hopefully the last one.

1 pm, homework is waiting but decides to procrastinate. Last: saying goodnight to the world. Tomorrow, it'll start all over again...

Jan 17, 2012

Jan 12, 2012

days when I feel like I can't juggle anymore

In like every day, weekdays, every time I get home, the things that I am about to do depends if Pia is still awake or not. I am hoping that despite the hours that i used for school which is most of the day and the time that I use for work which is most of the night, I feel like that remaining minutes of her being awake by the time I get home even if its just for 30 minutes is super precious.

This has been the scenario for months now and tonight is one of those nights that  i feel like can't continue living like this anymore. Being a student is stressful, enough to keep my sanity away from me. My life has dramas and with schools petty dramas adding up, i am just so ready to explode.

Jan 5, 2012

on back to school and waking up early

PhotobucketSo school started today.

It was quite a sad day because, well... school started. And because I can't do anything about it, I just have to embrace and welcome the sad truth that my 3 months left for this semester already started. There goes my supposedly-time-for-Pia.

Well, it ended okay I guess. I saw some of my grades already. I made it but I have 1 line of seven. I am expecting 2 and that is MasMed1 a.k.a Laws and Ethics of Mass Media which I find very hard. The exam result was not that good even though I did try my best.

Jan 3, 2012

jill is making good resolutions for this new year!

Commonly seen on blogs and this time, include mine on your list. I want my resolutions to be do-able and I have a few that I want to share.  This resolutions will hopefully help me in reducing my stress because last year was super stressful, you can see it on the circles surrounding my eyes. Anyway, its something common, in other words, I have here, a boring list.
Procrastinating  is something that gave me the mid-level of where I am now. I survived with a procrastinating attitude but, gave me lots of stress. Weird because one thing that I hate is being rushed into finishing something. I will have to work on this because I want my 2012 to be less stressful.

Higher Grades (not below 80). Being a scholar is stressful especially for a mother like me. I have to juggle both studies and mommy hood plus my part time job and social life. For this semester, I need to not have a grade below 80 if I still want to keep my full scholarship. But as I said, this are do-able resolutions so kaya yan!

Time management is something that I am poor at doing. If there is something that I have to finish but the allotted  time given is plenty, I skip it and proceed to my other to-do list. Sort of related to procrastinating so I really need to work on this.

Responsibility in all aspects. Sad because I once again deactivated my other blog and went back to this one. I made a few posts there that I sort of neglected this blog and it made me feel bad. Since sticking to this blog is included on my do-able list, I will stick to this one until the end of the year and the next years to come. Other than this, there are other things that I need to prioritize and be responsible about and that includes being a great mom, be an achiever (maybe) and a lot more, I'm just lazy to include on this post.

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Jan 2, 2012

about ditching and a Happy New Year dearies!

Ditched the old blog and will be sticking to this on the next few months. I got so disappointed not winning the blog make-over from Kaye. 2 days ago, I was like so determined to win but sadly I didn't. The holidays kept me from winning. Yep, a lot of family activities stopped me from winning a make-over. I tried to beat mommy Jes's number of comments but 600 is so tough to beat if 2 hours is all I have left before the deadline. I ended up as the 3rd runner-up though :)

Disappointed as I am, like an hour before the deadline, I realized that I won't be able to meet the top commentator that is why I joined the other giveaway which is having a free header, not bad ey? All I had to do was post on my facebook wall that I wanted to win one.Crossing my fingers. ^_^

So after 2 hours, minutes before making this post, I feel a lot better already. Why? Well, because I believe that "There is always a positive side." and in this case, I met great bloggers. They are inspiring in a way that I started following them. I gained new online friends dearies and I am so happy to include them on my daily blog hops.

I did not win, yes, but at least, despite the pressure of winning, I still am happy because its New Year and its something that we should all be happy about.

Happy 2012 dearies!  _kBye_