Dec 20, 2012

what I would want to be

I haven't been totally slacking you know. After being jobless for 3 weeks now, besides enjoying my 10am wake up time and the series marathon that goes on wee hours of the night, I spend some of my days at my in-laws shop.

D's parents are entrepreneurs and ever since mama started her dialysis sessions, D being in Pampanga, the tinderas  are the ones left to manage it which mama was not happy about. D's sister managed it for a more than a month but ended up having lots of debts because she's stupid like that. Mama forbade her to go or else, the business will end up bankrupt. 

Now that I don't have a job, I decided to help out in managing the business.

You see, I never see myself and thought of myself as being an entrepreneur. After 3 weeks of managing the shop, that's when I wanted to be one. Just like that. I can manage my time and be my own boss. Having no diploma didn't give me much choice when it comes to work. I end working as a tutor or at a BPO industry, again. Pays well but I don't want to end up still working as a callcenter agent when I'm like 40. This is also the time when I realized how important having a diploma is. 

Shoulda-woulda-coulda huh, really, mama knows best. :)

I started becoming a human nature dealer a week ago. If you read my previous posts, I do love their products. That's a good start right? Tried and tested by me and at the same time, good practice for my sales talk.;) How's it working so far? Had a few orders, still getting the hang of it.

If  were able to practice and know the ways on how to be a successful entrepreneur, I will move on to my next step which is owning a clothing shop and  a BonAppetea franchise. I might need to work at another call center to earn my pang puhunan but i assure you, that will be my last. It's nice to have plans for a better next year.  Am hoping. Wish me luck! :)

Dec 19, 2012

my life ain't that bad ;)

I am broke and jobless, my laptop needs repair which would cost me more than I can afford of course and D won't be spending the holidays with us.

Loosing my job at this time of year is not how I want my year to end of course. I have anticipated the fact that the job is not for me months before they gave me the thumbs down. Being a reservation-sales agent is not my forte, anything that has to do with quotas, I am below average. But then again, being broke during the holidays sucks big time. :(

My laptop is useless as crap. I had it repaired but gave up on me after a week. LCD needs to be replaced and that would cost me half the price of a new netbook. Since I am now a bum mom, having my laptop repaired is not a top priority. My sister left her iPad hence this post.

As for D not spending the holidays with us this year, not that he wanted it to, it's just that he needs to be on hiatus for so many good reasons. We will be spending it with him on the 23rd  but not sure for Christmas eve. 

There are days when I can say "it sucks to be me" and I indeed feel like the most unlucky person but those are just "some" days. The rest of the year, if I rate it from 1-5, the level will be a 3-ish close to 4.  This year might not have a grand ending for me but it's all good. I still have a lot of things to be grateful about like... well, family and good health (not so cliche if I may say).

Next year, everyone hopes for a better one. I am a bit scared on what 2013 has in store for me at the same time a bit excited because I have plans and hopefully, stars and planets will aline to help me achieve it.

Oct 16, 2012

H♥N hair care w/ mangoes on the side

another hhn post i know. :0
what can i say, i'm obsessed with their products. despite having small pimples on the forehead because of the toner (am sure), that doesn't stop me from trying their other products. my 4th batch of orders has been delivered at my work station this morning by ate Pau.

for my 4th batch of orders, i got strengthening shampoo and conditioner, 100% natural moisturizing conditioner (in bigger lush vanilla scent size this time) and 100% natural body butter cream - mango passion. for the body butter, it has that mild scent, a hint of mangoe but some kind of hard to distinguish really. if not for the packaging, wouldn't have guessed that it's yellow mangoes. anyway, it still keeps my skin look and feel hydrated so overall, i like it. for the hair care, i first ordered the 50ml size for the moisturizing conditioner. i don't usually use conditioner but now that i have to maintain my short curls, conditioner is a must. i like how it keeps my locks in place. i recommend this to people with curly hair. as per the comments from other users on the hnn site, it is true that it gives me dandruff. it sticks to the scalp, like everytime i scratch, i get white flakes on my finger nails. eww i know that is why i decided to try the strengthening shampoo and conditioner. if i use it alternately, i am hoping that my dandruff will deminish. another good thing about this is that is that it doesn't give me thay amoy-araw smell. i am excited to try my new hair care products. i am currently checking on their website now to check their new products. :)

Oct 8, 2012

the "tinky" is ready to retire

this is "tinky", short for tinkerbell. bought this 4 years ago. a week ago, just decided to not work. it still works but too dim to see the desktop. am not sure if it's ready to retire.:( according to the computer technician, they have to ship it to Acer manila for them to verify if the problem is with the screen inverter (backlight) or worse, the lcd. having the lcd replaced costs almost like buying a new netbook. having the inverter replaced is cheaper, around 1-2k. tech said i have to wait 3-4 weeks for them to figure out which one they would replace. thought about it and decided to just have it checked rather than just store it and just let it "rot?". when it comes to gadgets, i consider my tinky as my fanciest gadget. and with that, i am always maingat. since it has been with me for 4 years, i guess that's my tinky's life span. sabe ni manong, nadaganan daw, malamang kase i have a psychotic pet na to the highest level ang insecurity, nanira na lang ng gamit ko, wala na kasi laptop niya kaya gusto nya sirain na din yung akin. wag niyo na tanungin anong meron, masisira lang araw niyo pag kinwento ko pa.:(

before having it repaired, i asked for another opinion from one of my workmate who's expert at computers. he thinks that the problem is with the inverter not the lcd. i am hoping too because if they have to replace the lcd, might as well buy a new one.

Oct 7, 2012

am not busy, just tired

i am so emotionally and mentally tired. :( i've never been so tired because of someone who has an attitude issue. she's so full of herself. i think she's never even heard of the word "respect". i really don't want to dwell on it too much because just blogging about it makes me feel drained. i so believe in karma. 2 things i should always remember though, "if you can't beat them, join them" and the ever famous, "do not do unto others...". i also believe in karma, one which comforts me and of course, faith. this is just a test i know. i just wish that for these 3 months w/o D, my patience is sky's the limit.

i pray. i pray a lot these days. i always ask for more patience and despite my current situation, i always make sure that i count my blessings at the end of the day. some days may be gray but hey, my faith is something that'll back me up and get's me through the day.

Sep 24, 2012

zup jill?

3 months of working and the only thing i've invested for myself is an external hard drive. never even bought a pair of shoes or jeans. in the first place, should've have never even bought that external hard drive if it wasn't sold for 2 gives. the only time i get to own stuff is if it's on sale or paid in installments. i think that i am okay with what i have but when the time comes like say, wearing the same shirt twice in a week (wash and wear) because that is the only decent shirt i have so i wear it again when i'm meeting up with someone and i would want to look kyot, y'know. after that, i plan to buy my own stuff but then when payday comes, after a week, i still wear the same clothes i've been wanting to ditch. am back to the same almost-five-minute-stare i give to my cabinet everytime i head out for work.

after more than a month of not seeing my mom, seeing her again yesterday at my niece's birthday party gave me something less to think about, were good.... i hope.

tomorrow, will be dropping by the surplus store to buy a cheap television set. besides wanting to annoy someone, our room is where i spend most of my 70% time during rest days. 

i want an iPad. would definitely own one if it's paid in installments. hope tigoy changes her mind about selling it for 3 gives.  -kBye-

Sep 21, 2012

things that'll get me through the week

my day off is thursday & friday,(though weekend would be perfect in the real world). i don't mind having these days as my rest day, it's as if i have a grand social life now that i think about it.

though i love like going to work now that i am on the morning shift, i still get those days when i feel soooo demotivated. so, i decided to share a few things that i think will help me get through week 39. Cool

first of is my e-cigarette.
had been nicotine free for almost 2 weeks now. here's why i decided to shift my smoking preference. during the typhoon, a month ago, the terrace door got stuck so i had no choice but to smoke beside the window and throw my cigarette butts in a plastic bag. the realization about my health hit me when i saw the almost full platic bag for during that straight 2 weeks of rain. In a day, i can finish a pack of marlboro black, sometime even a pack and half. scared me, t'was too much. so now, i can say that it was a very good choice to buy me one of this. i chose capuccino and grapefruit flavor. the effect works for me though the "hagod" sa throat that regular smokes does is not there. i still can satisfy my urges to smoke but at least less damage to my now extra-love pair of lungs.

Music: Maroon 5's Overexposed album
i just found out that adam has an oozing sex appeal. discovered that when  i got glued watching #theVoice, such a huuuge fan. my most played song last week was Wipe Your Eyes and will most probably will still be for this week.

HNN natural shampoo: Lush Vanilla Scent
there's nothing like a good shower in the morning especially with this all natural shampoo. bad hair day is equal to bad day and for me, it pisses me off so much as if i have a period. i have uber short hair and it's curly. this all so sweet smelling and natural shampoo makes my curls well uhm, curly and cute, so perfect for my mane.

Payday in 3 days. yay!!!

Life is indeed grand when waking up with a positive attitude. <3>

Sep 15, 2012


yes i was born September 3, just turned 26. Photobucket

here are a few favorite-ed astrology for virgos from the most followed astrologer on twitter @XTROLOGY. most, proven to be true.

  • 's are the Ferrari of the zodiac signs, it doesn't get any better than them!
  • Skip the mindless small talk. 's like to get right to the point.
  • Don't negotiate with 's. They are definitely stubborn.
  •  is quick to make breakfast, pay the bills, hold down the home.... but don't cross them, they're quick to tear you down too!
  •  is practically minded and they will rarely allow their hearts to rule their heads.
  •  can very quickly weight information and make Yes or No decisions on it in a blink of an eye while the rest of us mull.
  •  Weakness: Need for perfection gets in the way of enjoyment.
  •  will go out of their way to make you feel special, but they expects the same in return.
  • 's are not pretentious and will always say what they think.
  • Give a  a surprise and you will got their heart.
  • 's can surely can keep their commitments.
  • 's can be emotionally blunt.
  •  hates to be compared to others.
  •  never depends on another.
  • 's are loyal friends.

Sep 4, 2012

2nd HHN haul

got my order last week and I started using some of it. the ones on the upper part are all natural spray sanitizers.  i bought one for me and my daughter. citrus burst was out of stock so i got juicy burst instead. I like the smell so much and it does erase the smell of yosi. the one i bought for pia smells like strawberry flavored medicine, i don't like it that much. it's supposed to make me want to eat my macute everytime she uses it but it does not so the next time, i'ma try the bubbly gum scent. the one next to the sanitizers, 100% natural moisturizing conditiner- lush vanilla: the scent is not what i was expecting, so light and sweet. Am not really a fan of the strong scent of vanilla to the point where it makes me dizzy so the smell is not really a big deal. I just wish that the smell would last long. The effect is okay. I have uber short and curly hair na when I started using it so as long as I know that it's all natural and doesn't give me dandruff, i'ma keep using it. Next one is 100% natural healthy lotion- lush vanilla- again, the smell is okay. i was skeptical at first because my sister uses a vanilla scented lotion which I hate because it's too much, parang amoy ng buong building yung amoy, ang sakit sa ilong at nakakahilo. but since I already have berry bliss, I wanted a lotion that is handy(50 ml) so i chose this instead. I am happy because I did, it has natural vanilla scent, not to overpowering and the same as the berry bliss, I get smooth and soft hands everytime I use it. next, on the bottom left hand corner is the 100% organic shaving oil- i like that it has virgin coconut oil plus eucalyptus though I'd rather use it after shower. I used it before I showered, when I rinsed of, felt the sting which the eucalyptus should be soothing. next to it is the kids all natural shampoo- since this is hiyang for my kid, i ordered one again this time with pineapple pawikan scent. next is Natural Moisturizing Shampoo- the smell is sweet, again not to o.a. for a vanilla scent plus it has that hint of smell tha same as the light scent of the hydrating facial wash I am currently using. on my first hnn haul post, i appreciated the smell so much, I'm glad i smell it everytime i shower in the morning. Last one is the 100% hand and foot salve- i don't like it that much because it's a sticky-feel. i just use it for my heels which is a bit dry. I also ordered the tinted lip balm, same shade (flame tree) because I adore the shaden so much.

There will be alot of these that I will be using again. I might need longer time using some especially the ones I use on my face to make sure hiyang ko. another blog post will be done after a week or 2 maybe about the facial products that I ordered, may ilan akong napapansing difference sa mukha ko pero feeling ko, nag aadjust pa lang siguro. all in all though, I'm still a proud HHN user.Photobucket

Aug 27, 2012

meet India. Arie

K-lite fm keeps playing this song which got stuck in my head. thought it was natasha bedingfield but upon further research, found out twas not. thank god for google search, even if you don't know who the artist was,just type the lyrics that you rememeber and it gives you the title and the singer. the song goes like this,"forgiveness, forgiveness, even if you don't love me anymore..." and there it is, the title is 'The Heart of the Matter" by Don Henley. the song was revived by one of my new favorite singer, India Arie.

Some facts about her:
  • Name: India Arie Simpson
  • grammy award-winning American singer-songwriter and record producer
  • has 4 grammy awards including Best r&b album
  • born October 3, 1975
  • song genres: soul, r&b, neo soul, blues, folk, pop
so i downloaded her 3rd studio album, Testimony Vol.1- Life and Relationship which includes the song I liked. the rest of the songs are feel-good music. there are more than 10 songs in this album. songs about coping,faith, and staying strong. it inspires me, like right now, her album is playing on the background, inspires me to blog ganyan. the song that I am telling you about was also included on the sountrack of sex and the city:the movie.

Aug 25, 2012

Human Heart Nature

left - clockwise: kids natural shampoo, mineral lipgloss, hydrating face toner, citronelle bug spray
100% natural massage oil, sunflower beauty oil, natural moisturizing night cream w/ plant collagen, tinted lip balm (flame tree) hydrating facial wash

got my first batch of Human Heart Nature and started using some 2 days ago. 
I never pamper myself, am just happy with the way I look without any beauty regimen whatsoever. 
my personal stuff to buy only consists of deo, bath soap, panty liner, feminine wash and ponds cream.

D never says that I look haggard even though i feel like one. one main reason why i don't bother glamming up. when i feel like it, i wear blush on's and brown eyeliner but that is mainly it. i don't even pluck my eyebrows for cying out loud.

another reason why i never tried to have any beauty regimen is because i am happy with my skin. i never had pimple breakouts. my face is not that oily, in other words, it's not that painful to look in the mirror everyday. i have freckles but only noticeable upclose. the only thing that's bothersome is the black pores on the nose and the black spots from having the ga-pigsang pimple na once in a while lang mag appear.

i read good reviews from famous filipino bloggers abt this product, helga and iya misa. because of them, i got to know the HHN brand. the go all natural and Philippine made got my attention. the ingredients that they use are all natural and for this post, i'ma be sharing some of their brands that i'ma be trying. 

Aug 14, 2012

something random

haven't had all our clothes dried yet and here comes another typhoon.
heard the name's helen. the weekend was all sunny, now, it's all foggy again.

there are no week highlights for me. the only thing i'm looking forward to is D's birthday. we're allowed to visit him this coming Thursday, a day before his birthday. i have work but sacrificing one sleepless shift would be worth it.

excited to start the morning shift, well sort of. it still has its downfalls especially the part where i leave the house at 4am. at least i can tuck pia to bed and leaving the house is not that hard since Pia is still sleeping.

i still smoke more than i used to. that's okay for now, at least it keeps me company during those sleepless nights.

i wish my life's social side would increase even for just a few percent like say 5-10%. if that happens, i have more sensible things to blog about.

for now, i'ma go grab a quick breakfast and will CSI myself to sleep.

Aug 12, 2012

something about work

"the best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one." - oscar wilde -

will always keep this in mind, all the time except on day off's.

like everytime i'd leave for work and my daughter would beg me not go because since her dad is in Pampanga, she'd want me to tuck her to bed. 

like everytime i think about the shitty graveyard shift. leaving the house during wee hours of the night and praying for a jeep and not taxi because the latter is masakit sa bulsa.

everytime i get home from work and see my daughter eating coco crunch alone in the living room while watching cartoons at 6am. (someone gives her cereals and goes back to sleep because uhm, you know, it's only 6 AM.)

everytime i fall asleep in the middle of feeding my daughter during meal time and waking up only when my  macute yells "wala ng laman!"

everytime i miss family gatherings and birthdays because the off is not a match to the dates.

everytime there is a typhoon and the shift starts at 9:15pm with a 50/50 chance of seeing a jeep because the wind and rain is just that strong.

--who says i'm complaining???

Jul 27, 2012

keeping the faith

when problem hits, the first few weeks is the hardest. that is the part when everyone is still groping in the dark. there are not so many questions, we often times have this feeling of hating and pointing fingers, the feeling that there is someone to blame because you just can't handle the situation. praying doesn't help because the mind is closed to whatever reasons concerned people have, it just doesn't help at that moment when the pain is still fresh.

when the mind and heart is ready to listen, that's when everything falls into place. you are ready once again to face the situation, this time, with an open mind and a prayer. you start to see things clearly and in a positive way. you start to cope.

being strong has been the best option but emotions has its limit. there is a time to grieve but don't let it just end there. even if the reason to be strong is faint, tiniest hope can still get into you as long as you're not alone. even at the darkest time, when you feel like there is no one but you whom you can rely on, that whispered name from the heart can bring meaning to life.

and that's when you start to kneel and pray, and just let it all go but still holding to what really matters. prayer is the key, just trust in him and you'll know he's always there to listen.

God, thanks for always being there. <3

Jul 24, 2012

day 4

had to wake up early today. according to mamu, they are having a hard time feeding Pia so she ends up just having milk and candies before bedtime. I am a bit concerned because even though Pia's just 4 years old, I can sense that there is something bothering her and that  started almost 3 weeks ago. I don't want her to look boney/skinny so I have to be a bit strict to her during meal time.

Tatay is already cooking dinner. as for me, after this post, I'ma prepare for work and have to leave the house 45 minutes early so that I can catch the 8:45 shuttle so as to save money instead of taking a cab which costs me 88 pesos tops.

I'ma be getting my first pay tomorrow. not bad for a first.

I am trying to avoid bickering part with the mother. She's trying so hard to let the people know that I am the bad guy and the worst daughter anyone could ever have. she's just something.

I miss you D. i heard that the dark night movie is a must see. As much as I would want to watch it, i'm thinking of skipping for now. you are my movie buddy kaya. I might go watch it if my sister would want to watch it too but if not, na-uh.

Take care D. I'ma see you soon. :)

Jul 23, 2012

day 3

i cried again today, twice. i smoke more than i used to. i am thinking about buying e-cigar because i can't stop myself from finishing one pack a day, doubled since... *sigh*

if not for work, i am a basket case when I am at home while my pia is sleeping. smokes and blank stare is what i usually do.

one thing i found out today, I would never want to become my mother. i never said I was perfect. i won't go deeper into that, after all, she's still the mother.

me and Pia always fight every meal time. I'm thinking about buying vitamins for both of us, pampagana kumain, also thinking about switching to another milk brand.

despite the depression, i can still squeeze in some normal thoughts you know.

Jul 22, 2012

day 2

i miss D, so bad.

i can't be alone because if I am, i am gonna loose it. my family whom i've known for so long ain't got my back compared to the support D's family is giving.

D might be 5 hours away from us, am not used to it. i miss the moments when I get home from work and have someone waiting to here how my day was. i miss you because you're my best-est friend ever.

for now, i have to be strong for my macute. she misses you too, uses the blanket you used during the trip. as long as I see her everyday, i know we can get through this.

work will start again tonight. Pia's getting used to sleeping with mama and rain-rain and tatay already.

i miss you kaya. jaheng ulan, pinapa miss ka lalo. *sniff*

Jun 30, 2012

converting pdf files to an iPod

this is also for future reference, just incase i forget all the things i did a few minutes ago.:)

just got home an hour ago, (giving you an idea on what my current stint is).
since i am guessing that i will be missing on a few readings because training week is the busiest. anyway when i got home, i openned because that's where i usually update myself with the latest news like adele being pregnant and katy filing a divorce. so anyway, an article caught my eye, uk's fastest paperback to reach 1 million sales. since i just finished reading pittacus lore novels and while waiting for the 3rd book, i thought that this is something worth reading. the thing is, bringing thick books on training is a  no-no, my training manual is kinda thick, no space in my bag. my iPod have 74 gig free space so why not use it right?

so this tutorial "kuno" will help me and some to convert pdf files to an iPod. it's easy and i thought, it's worth sharing. here it is... the steps is how i did it of course but reffered the steps on eHow.

1. download the file using whatever BitTorrent client you're using.

- mine's on winrar so i extracted the file and saved it on my desktop.

- look for the file (in my case, t'was saved on my desktop). open the folder, select the file, open it using adobe reader.

- on adobe reader, click "file" then "save as" and choose .text and select a location to save it.

- go to this site  click on the select file, select the text file that you just saved. type the file name (indicate Book 1, Book 2 if applicable) then click upload.

2. while waiting for the file to be converted (it'll take 2-3 minutes for the text file to be converted), connect your iPod.

- on iTunes, make sure that enable disk use is checked. **do not disconnect the iPod yet.

** make sure that there's a lot of space available on your iPod.

- go back to the converter page and click on the title of the book, colored green link, wait for the download to finish.

- click on the downloaded file, winrar opens it for you.

- extract it to the Notes folder on your iPod.

*** if you don't know where the notes folder is, just click on "my computer", choose removable disk or usually, name of your ipod. folders in you iPod opens up, look for notes.

that's it, i have my eBook downloaded (3 books) in just 30 minutes.
though the screen is a bit small, it will do for now since i can't afford buying a tablet like kindle fire yet. in my case, my iPod is small and convenient to bring anywhere, it's not that obvious if i read during boring discussions. ;)

okay, gotta start reading.

Jun 29, 2012

goals- long term

i am a person who seldom plans, just a grab it and go.

long term goals is not my thing and that's one reason why i end up working on/at something for so long, i usually end up feeling like i've wasted those years and was just in it for the money not a career.  during that time, my heart and mind was programmed to what and where i really want to be but due to avoidable circumstances, the "i wish i knew then what i know now" moment, i always end up on the starting line. i am 25, still young but this fact is my main reason why i can't reach that goal where i wanna end up.

i can hear you saying "if you want it, work hard for it" or nothing is impossible in this world" etc.

trust me, i tried. it's just hard to compete with the current generation. man, they're so competetive and fierce. in the media world, one should have a complete package and sadly, i only have a quarter of the appeal & brains.

so 2 weeks ago, i had a goal. it requires a lot of effort of course. the stint that i have now, there's not much competition. i know that some are just in it for the good pay. for me, i planned for the long term goal after all, i feel like i am the only who can give my daughter a good future. relying on someone at this point is like waiting for a unicorn to show up at the end of a rainbow. and that is one thing that motivates me.

just not in it for material things, this is for my future and my child.

so there. ^_^

Jun 16, 2012

akala, what if, sana

sabe ni Bianca G. sa kanyang tweet, "the bad comments keep a person grounded, din pwedeng puro good.:)"

in-analyze ko yan bago ko nakuha ang punto. couldn't agree more, sabe ko sa sarili. maganda yung once in a while, maka encounter ka ng comment or mailagay ka sa sitwasyon na hindi maganda. dun ka natututo diba? hindi naman pwedeng sa buhay, laging mapalad, masaya, walang problema. 

sa buhay, ang mga problema ay dumedepende sa mga desisyon mo.

pag nailagay ka na sa alanganin, dun na lumalabas ang mga akala. 
"ginawa ko to kase akala ko..."
"akala ko malulusutan ko..."
"akala ko mag makakabuti sa akin, mas lumala pa pala..."

dun mo din maiisip yung mga "what if".
"what if hindi ko ginawa to..."
at ang mga "sana" moments.
"sana hindi ko na lang ginawa"

pero, since irreversible na, walang choice kundi harapin at sabe nga nila "suffer the consequences".

e kung sa hindi ka nga masaya kaya mo ginawa yun. dun na pumapasok ang other side of the story.
there is always a reason behind it. reasons na minsan e ikaw lang talaga yung makaka intindi kase ikaw yung nasa sitwasyon. 

BUT, i believe na kung may masama na mangyayare, there is always a positive thing from it.

you did it because of your reasons. whether it is being selfish sa paningin ng iba, all you could do is wish na sana maranasan din nila. wag ng pahirapan sa paliwanag, people are born to be judgemental and you can't please everyone so why bother.

I have my reasons, it was my choice, I will suffer the consequences and just hope for the best.

Jun 9, 2012

oopsypinions about BAYO's latest ad

i get that part when you have mixed blood, you're extra powerful, beatiful and all the extra everything.

this has been a trend.
obviously, people who graces our television screens are the ones who have half mixed blood and people who are related to someone rich or someone who really have that talent, mostly, outcome of reality shows.

Jun 3, 2012

a short story about an internet troll

you are an certified internet troll. a stalker and a psycho, yeah, that's what you are. have to deactivate my facebook because of you and now, you're here again, for sure, reading this and that's why, your level of insecurity reached to its maximum level. have to hide my profile and blog address just to get away from your prying eye. i am sure, after reading this, you go log in to facebook and would post something like "hahaha! ang lula, napaka-idiot, kawawa naman, sa blogger nagtitiis." or "feelers, ang taray ng lula, pa blog blog pa!" 

Jun 2, 2012

June, so not my month

I wonder what June has in store for me.

The only plan that I have for this month is to not plan anything. It is the middle of the year and i still feel a bit restless about what I am going to do for the rest of the year. If there is anthing that comes up, work or any kind of opportunity that would make me inspired and would help make my future brighter, i would grab it. for now, i am okay with what i have thanks to my macute. wanna know why I call my daughter "macute", well, i told her that one of her dolls looks creepy, she said "maganda naman xa momi, macute pa". connection? do u still need that? come on! if you're a mom, you'll get what i mean. so whatever she says or does, i find her so adorable and amusing. love her dearly.

plans? well June is what I consider my "gray" month.

May 31, 2012

le confucious

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 hi. first of all, i've been neglecting my blog, and here I am wondering why my blog traffic is at pit bottom. i also have to change the settings so as not be found on any search engines. my blog is more accurate when it comes to updates about my "awesome" life and the reason behind deactivating my facebook will solely defeat the aim which is getting away from the perfect barbie dolls. as well as you know me already, i blog when i whine and mostly when I get confused. blogging about serious stuff doesn't make me that fulfilled at the end of the day because in reality, my life is really all that colorful and sunny . where am i getting at, am not sure,hence the current mood.

May 14, 2012

j-j-j jeans

since jeans is the type of pants i have always been wearing (besides the pajamas), it makes me sad to know that there are only a few choices of designs available here in the city. yeah, we do have h&m, bench and levis jeans but, for a student like me, i would really want a less expensive pair with a unique look.

this is the problem when it comes to shopping for pants and jeans, there are a lot but the designs are bland. honestly speaking, I only have 7 pairs of pants and 1, i have been using for almost 4 years. during the holidays where I get extra money from the relatives, i would go shopping for anything except the pants because i get bored easily. imagine having to go to lots of jeans store, rummaging through racks and racks of pants but besides the color, the only difference is the brand.

May 9, 2012


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When I left the house, everything was in place, the floor was well scrubbed, made sure that the cups and plates are washed and in the cabinet, in short, spick and span. When I got home from work, the house was a mess so, I cried.

For once, I would want to go home to a house that's clean.
The reason why I make sure that the house is all clean before I leave for work is besides wanting a clean house, I want my in-laws to feel relaxed when they get home from "pwesto". I don't mind cleaning really. The thing that I am pissed about is the scattered shoes and undies, pieces of paper from the kids of my salahulang kasama sa bahay. 

May 1, 2012

the jinx

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I am a "jinx-er", if there is such a word like this. If I say good things about something and someone, they turn out to be the opposite of what I thought they were (well in some aspects). No matter how long I've been there or have known them, they still turn out to be something I thought they weren't.

I have been keeping my compliments and good talks to people. Instead, I just show them how I appreciate them for having great personality by being nice to them (no compliments at that)  *-*.

Apr 18, 2012

perks of a part-timer

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Cheers and happy anniversary to me!
Yes, I have been working for a year now as an online tutor at Infuturo.Inc (formerly Blue & Beyond). I love working here, not the perfect one of course but I love working as a part-timer. I lasted that long and I am still having fun. This is my 3rd job actually but a first when it comes to online tutoring.
Aside from working part-time, there are other things that makes me want to renew my contract with the company. My list,you may consider it as "mababaw"  (lame) reasons but mind you, this list are way better than my previous job perks. 

Apr 10, 2012

it's your day baby girl!

my bebe girl
My daughter is turning 4 today.
She was born on April 10, 2008 - 10:29 p.m.
I was on labor for almost 9 hours. I didn't get to see her not until 1 a.m. because I was knocked out after she came out. I didn't go for epidural because I wanted to feel how it is to give birth. T'was indeed painful but look at her now, all worth it. There were 9 babies that came out the same day. My daughter is the only baby girl. The pediatrician said that my daughter has the loudest cry. Every time I see her defend herself when someone messes with her, I keep thinking that my baby will grow up to be a strong woman just like me. She's more like her dad though. She's a certified daddy's girl even though they always gang up on each other and often times, join forces and gang up on me. I think that D will always be the perfect dad for my Pia. 

Apr 1, 2012

feel the month of April

taken earlier today from our terrace :)
A new month. 
Holy Week and April Fools' Day are this month's event but for me, I have one more to add and that is the birth of my now turning four years old daughter. She was born on April 10, 2008 - she's just so adorable, and like most moms, every child is indeed a blessing. :)

For this month, I don't have that much expectation. One thing that I am hoping though is that whatever I choose and plan to do, I hope I get lucky and the fruit of it would come with a pat on the back before the month ends.

Mar 31, 2012

mom bum

It's been 2 weeks since the 2nd semestral break and that meant 2 weeks of slacking for me. If not for my part time stint, I can say that I am a full-time mom bum. After the stress I went through during the last days of the semester, felt like it drained 2 weeks of my power and since this is the second week already,  I am ready to look for a day job. I am not planning to enroll this coming summer so, I need to look for a job to have more kaching and having to sleep til 12 pm, I've had enough of that.

apps I love

(image via google)
So me and my sister swapped phones. She has an android phone and mine's a smart phone. I liked my smart phone because of the camera, it has 8mp and I thought, since my blog lacks colorful pics, it would help me take crisp pictures without the editing part. 6 months after, my blog still lacks colorful pics and my phone was seldom used actually, only for texting.  

Mar 25, 2012

The Mario's Experience

2 weeks ago and a post 2 weeks overdue...I know, professional blogger that I am...  a few Baguio bloggers were invited to attend the first ever blogger event here in Baguio. I thought that it was just a get together to meet fellow Baguio bloggers but when I found out that a blogger from Manila was the one who organized it, I went like "weehh". The reason for that reaction?

Mar 16, 2012

Friday Frustrations: finals,ditchin' and some stuff

ConversationsWithMoms:Every day Conversations with a Mom Blog
Its been a while since I last posted an entry for this meme and today is a good time to create one. Since finals week is almost over, I want to release some of my frustrations. So here goes...

Friday for most people is a happy day. Friday means the start of weekend and who shouldn't feel happy about that? And I guess you already know where I am pointing at, hence, the meme title. :)

angel among us

(image by google)

A picture that best describes our finals week. 

I have 2 more videos to edit tomorrow. Could have been one but since one of my dearest friend decided to make his own group, I'm left with no choice but to work all by myself. The other day, I was ready to give up, my brain is slowly digesting the fact that I will have an incomplete status on one of my subjects. Being left in the middle of a battle is devastating but I don't want to just stand there and look stupid because someone just decided to leave me behind.

Mar 11, 2012

kyot new template

I am not really sure if my new template is suitable for the contents of what I post because I am so random and most of my posts are rants if not, anything but not about being a mom. I don't know, I just fell in love with the font used that's why I downloaded it. I am a bit sad because my old theme was something that I tweaked so patiently, took me 3 days to come up with it. Now I am not sure of I can still see it the same way it was even if I saved it on my computer. That is just who I am, I feel sad loosing something but since it's making me loose my blogging mojo, might as well change it right? Not sure how long this template will stick to my blog but whenever that is, changing my template made me blog again. So this week would be very busy one because it's finals week. Was supposed to blog about the blog event that me and my sister attended to last night but the pictures are still with my sister so hopefully, can make that post before the week ends. Right now, I am loving this cute baby theme. _kBye_

Mar 3, 2012

extra busy on a Saturday night

The start of the month was very busy because our finals is in 2 weeks and that means its going to be extra extra busy. I just wish I can file 2 weeks leave from work so I can concentrate but for a part-timer like me, the only thing they would allow me to do is resign or stay. But anyway, I would really like to keep my job especially that I am not planning to attend summer class. I have plans for the summer already, I am just waiting for the right time to tell my mom about it, she's expecting me to attend summer class that's why.

So for tonight's stuff-to-do, I will try to finish 3 final requirements and those are:
  1. ...will look for news about alien sightings from  anywhere in the world (I only need 1) then download it and burn it on a CD. Afterwards, I will be incorporating maybe 5 theories that we discussed with ma'am Xenia Ribaya  (I wanted to include her complete name because I am a fan of hers. To some of you who don't know, she is a former field reporter of ABS-CBN Northern Luzon and it is such an honor for me to learn from her). I also have to make a slide show about the report.

Feb 29, 2012

adios feb & fb!

This month has been one hell of a month. It has been a stressful one I tell you and it is not really that surprising when you are a student.

I learned a lot though and also, I got rid of some of the things that adds up to my already topsy-turvy  life and one of that is my facebook account. yep, no more facebook for me (for now). At first, it was hard because it is one of the tabs that never gets closed because of so many reasons which I know you FB users already know but surprisingly and hurray to me because I survived a month without facebook. I only deactivated it, not permanently deleted it because I still love that social networking site. I will activate it someday when I am ready but for now, I will be spending most of my time on twitter, tumblr and blogspot of course.

This month is quite the same as the previous months and will be stressful for the next months to come! Being a student is hard okay? So, see you next month, yah? :) _kBye_

Feb 23, 2012

weather and such

The weather in Baguio has been unpredictable the past few weeks now. It rained so hard yesterday,  thank God me and my kid reached the house and just cozily listened to the hard pour while watching some DVDs. Usually when the weather goes crazy, the first thing we think about is that it's the cause of global warming. Rainy season should not start this early right? I mean, the people in Baguio are used to having gloomy weather but not with rain the whole week on the month of February. Some of my students in Korea are also surprised about how their weather is changing. 3 weeks ago, their country experienced a negative something degrees that only happened 55 years ago. It seems like it has something to do I guess with how our earth is changing and everything around it does too including the weather.  Because of the crazy weather that we have, kids and even grown ups are prone to having colds. I wish I know how to make mogwa-cha and yuja-cha, tea and the rain would be a perfect match especially with the weather that we have here in the city.

#somerandom stuff - A few rains during summer would be cool because I just hate hot weather.

Jan 26, 2012

tumblr-ing :)

Isang maginaw na Baguio to all! :)

Quick post dearies! I am reblogging a lot on tumblr  and tonight, my mom blog is active again after 8 months of not posting anything. I chose another theme for my 2 tumblr blogs that is why I am having a hard time blogging using blogspot. The fonts I am using are so kyot,  I can't decide whether to post a blog entry there instead of here. What made me change my mind? I love this blog so much and I promised myself that I won't delete it.

If you have time, please drop by on my tumblr site:  and my tumblr mom blog

Quick lang so _kBye_

Jan 23, 2012

Music Monday: not like the movies

Happy MM! Here's my song for this week. It's a senti song, a relaxing one.

Downloaded Katy Perry's latest album, Teenage Dream and so far, I am loving all her songs. No wonder she's the one of the most talked about singer, her album is just awesome.

This song kinda make me nostalgic, the same effect as Adele's someone like you.

Well here it is, enjoy your Monday dearies!

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. Rules are simple. Leave ONLY the ACTUAL LINK POST here and grab the code below and place it at your blog entry. You can grab this code at LadyJava's Lounge Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

PS: Because of spamming purposes, the linky will be closed on Thursday of each week at midnight, Malaysian Time. Thank you!

unfriended someone for the first time

The act of removing a friend from your facebook account.

Compulsive people prune their friend list periodically, removing people that they no longer have contact with. More often though, unfriending is only done when a particular friend's updates and self-promotions become so annoying that you can no longer stand hearing about them. Or you might unfriend someone when they piss you off, however, this is not very effective since the person who is unfriended is not notified that you unfriended them and you'd be better off to keep them as a friend and plot your revenge. -urbandictionary_

on looking like a basura

No matter which angle I look in photos, I still look like a basura, yah a basura (trash).

I mean, I like what I see in the mirror every morning but when it comes to photos, I look so haggard and stressed with the oily pes plus the not so appealing hair, in short a basura. That is why, I'd rather use stolen shots as my primary photo rather than the projected one because I look like crap, my whole physical look sucks.

Don't get me wrong, I love myself, I do, BUT when it comes to group pictures, I end up looking like the ugliest person (at least in most shots). Last Christmas, I bought some make up to help me look less like a basura, it helps when I am walking along the hallway at school because it makes me look so fresh but why is it different in pictures. Sampol? eto...

trying my luck again

...and hoping that its gonna be mine this time. The nth time that I keep telling my self to push my luck even though it haven't been (never worked) on giveaways and raffles. This is the 3rd time for me to join blog giveaways and hoping, really hoping that I win this.

Here's the main reason why... well, uhm.... because my year started okay and if I win this, it is a sign that it is indeed a not-so-crappy year for me. Oh yeah, before I forget, the thing that I want to win is a Kindle Fire tablet. Owning one would be a very big help in my studies. As a broadcasting student, I need to be in the know of the latest happenings. I also love reading books and I haven't read one for a while now because of my busy schedule. If I own a tablet, despite being always on the go, I still get to check my emails and update myself with current news because I have this handy gadget. Not that it matters to you but this is going to be the fanciest gadget I ever get to own. Most of the gadgets that I am using are second hand or hand me downs so it'll be really cool if I get my hands on this tablet.

I can tell you a lot of  other good reasons but I will keep it to myself for now. As I said, my luck at winning is not really working when it comes to this. For now, I'ma nonchalantly think of other things to keep me busy instead of checking Dragon Blogger's site everyday. I mean, I am keeping my hopes up. _kBye_

The Kindle Fire Giveaway contest hosted by Dragon Blogger technology blog is made possible in part by these awesome sponsors and you should pay them a visit and thank them!

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Jan 19, 2012

typical day with added smileys

Photobucket*alarm clock ringing*
checked the time, waiting for 5 more snoozes. Okay, time to get up.

PhotobucketPia! Nag agahan ka na? ( Pia, have you had breakfast already?)
* greets everyone in the house a good morning*

Photobucket Walks towards the kitchen, time to make coffee, not bothered showing the world how messy the hair is. Heads back to the room and searches for the pod. Chooses the playlist Photobucket...head to the terrace and lights up a cigarettePhotobucket. 5 minutes before feeling completely awake...then heads to the shower.

15 minutes is all that's needed to look presentable...kisses Pia and then heads to school.

MWF - 5 gruelling hours. TTh - 4 hours then heads to work afterwards.

11 pm, heads home, Pia is already asleep. Deciding to have dinner or not, while undecided, checks social networking site for an hour Photobucket. 12 midnight, finally having dinner. Heads to the terrace again, another puff for the day, hopefully the last one.

1 pm, homework is waiting but decides to procrastinate. Last: saying goodnight to the world. Tomorrow, it'll start all over again...

Jan 17, 2012

Jan 12, 2012

days when I feel like I can't juggle anymore

In like every day, weekdays, every time I get home, the things that I am about to do depends if Pia is still awake or not. I am hoping that despite the hours that i used for school which is most of the day and the time that I use for work which is most of the night, I feel like that remaining minutes of her being awake by the time I get home even if its just for 30 minutes is super precious.

This has been the scenario for months now and tonight is one of those nights that  i feel like can't continue living like this anymore. Being a student is stressful, enough to keep my sanity away from me. My life has dramas and with schools petty dramas adding up, i am just so ready to explode.

Jan 5, 2012

on back to school and waking up early

PhotobucketSo school started today.

It was quite a sad day because, well... school started. And because I can't do anything about it, I just have to embrace and welcome the sad truth that my 3 months left for this semester already started. There goes my supposedly-time-for-Pia.

Well, it ended okay I guess. I saw some of my grades already. I made it but I have 1 line of seven. I am expecting 2 and that is MasMed1 a.k.a Laws and Ethics of Mass Media which I find very hard. The exam result was not that good even though I did try my best.

Jan 3, 2012

jill is making good resolutions for this new year!

Commonly seen on blogs and this time, include mine on your list. I want my resolutions to be do-able and I have a few that I want to share.  This resolutions will hopefully help me in reducing my stress because last year was super stressful, you can see it on the circles surrounding my eyes. Anyway, its something common, in other words, I have here, a boring list.
Procrastinating  is something that gave me the mid-level of where I am now. I survived with a procrastinating attitude but, gave me lots of stress. Weird because one thing that I hate is being rushed into finishing something. I will have to work on this because I want my 2012 to be less stressful.

Higher Grades (not below 80). Being a scholar is stressful especially for a mother like me. I have to juggle both studies and mommy hood plus my part time job and social life. For this semester, I need to not have a grade below 80 if I still want to keep my full scholarship. But as I said, this are do-able resolutions so kaya yan!

Time management is something that I am poor at doing. If there is something that I have to finish but the allotted  time given is plenty, I skip it and proceed to my other to-do list. Sort of related to procrastinating so I really need to work on this.

Responsibility in all aspects. Sad because I once again deactivated my other blog and went back to this one. I made a few posts there that I sort of neglected this blog and it made me feel bad. Since sticking to this blog is included on my do-able list, I will stick to this one until the end of the year and the next years to come. Other than this, there are other things that I need to prioritize and be responsible about and that includes being a great mom, be an achiever (maybe) and a lot more, I'm just lazy to include on this post.

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Jan 2, 2012

about ditching and a Happy New Year dearies!

Ditched the old blog and will be sticking to this on the next few months. I got so disappointed not winning the blog make-over from Kaye. 2 days ago, I was like so determined to win but sadly I didn't. The holidays kept me from winning. Yep, a lot of family activities stopped me from winning a make-over. I tried to beat mommy Jes's number of comments but 600 is so tough to beat if 2 hours is all I have left before the deadline. I ended up as the 3rd runner-up though :)

Disappointed as I am, like an hour before the deadline, I realized that I won't be able to meet the top commentator that is why I joined the other giveaway which is having a free header, not bad ey? All I had to do was post on my facebook wall that I wanted to win one.Crossing my fingers. ^_^

So after 2 hours, minutes before making this post, I feel a lot better already. Why? Well, because I believe that "There is always a positive side." and in this case, I met great bloggers. They are inspiring in a way that I started following them. I gained new online friends dearies and I am so happy to include them on my daily blog hops.

I did not win, yes, but at least, despite the pressure of winning, I still am happy because its New Year and its something that we should all be happy about.

Happy 2012 dearies!  _kBye_