Dec 2, 2011

Hello December!

I owe this blog a lot of posts. It's been months since I last posted anything here and I kinda missed it. I am not on blogging hiatus guys, I have been blogging but I am using my other blog account and that is If by any chance I still have readers, please do visit my other blog too. ^^v

Since December already started. I decided to share some pictures that's appropriate for this month. These pictures were taken earlier today at school during Yuletide Bliss. Our school welcomes the holiday with Christmas filled activities. I went to watch the Chorale Competition earlier though I wasn't able to finish it, until now, I am still waiting for a tweet on who won, Our department the Human Sciences participated and the chorale group did well. ^^ Hope they won. So here are some of the pictures I took on our Christmas villages and booths.

 This is our Department's Entry for Christmas Village btw. ^^,

 Chorale Competition

Some random people making a reaction paper. ;)

_kBye_ ^^,