Sep 12, 2011

its things in life

This blog is still active. It lacks posts I know. My school life hasn't been that sunny this past few days. I rant a lot about it on my other blog, yes, I have been using it as my personal online shock absorber. I preferred making this blog a positive and sunny one. And for my first post, I want to share a quote that I got on twitter. Things got so wrong because of my lack of responsibility and now, I am suffering the consequences. I slacked and took things for granted. If I didn't make the problem right, my parents would be totally devastated. I am afraid because I know that I have not done my part. I am guilty and that makes it harder. If i continue blabbing about this, the path where this leads is -- giving my excuses and all and I don't want that to happen.

I am still hoping that I can make this right. I am trying my best guys and keeping my fingers crossed. If I get through this, I'ma do better that's for sure. This thought from twitter made me think and gave me that tiny bit of hope that I can still do something to make things right. :)

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