Aug 11, 2011

needs tips for lame blog

Was thinking about what my topic would be today. So while thinking, I went on a blog-hop-spree. First, I did some reblogs on tumblr, and then I tested the new feature of twitter where in you can upload pictures directly without having to create a separate account like yfrog and twitpic. After that, I browsed on more stuff online specifically blogs of famous people and then it hit me, my blog is lame. By lame, I mean not about the content but the vocabs being used. Them, being famous is already intimidating, and then, reading their blog makes me feel like I am still learning how to write my a b c's. Man, they are so good with whatever they do on TV and add up the amazing-ness of how they write is equals to- me, being totally amazed and then wanting to learn from them. Being a writer or an editor is not what I see myself doing 5 years from now and that is also the reason why I chose AB Broadcasting instead of AB Comm as my major. I am obviously a sloppy writer but this is not what intend to be in like, forever, that is why I am willing to learn. I'ma get tips from my Blogger Idols and hopefully, I can apply their awesome-ness to blog on mine too.