Aug 8, 2011

...just so

I hate school! Not that there's anything new about this but I am saying it just so. Being a sophomore student is like going back to high school days with high school dramas. And the system of the school is just as lousy as I can remember 3 years back. I may have an uber high pride just like what my mom keeps saying every time we get into a bickering mood but I am still a person who can't survive without interacting with another even if that means that I have to listen to their love life and crushes and how they deal with puberty. I wish I can skip this year and be a proud 3rd year student who is starting to learn something about video editing and how to make documentaries and such, you know, learn about the chosen field and to do/learn how to be good on your soon-be-job, not talk about ribosomes, photosynthesis and how to get high scores in playing darts. I mean, I am not getting younger and having to deal with this curriculum doesn't make me feel younger, worst - makes me feel that I am super left behind.

- 4 years from now, when I get to read this post again, I'ma give a relief smile and say, I love my alma mater, I am such a whiner back then. :))