Aug 31, 2011

i can be Cristina Yang too!

Today, I was able to finish season 7 of Gray's anatomy and because the cast of Gray's Anatomy has been keeping me company for how many days now, I decided to take this quiz - Which Gray's Anatomy Character Are You? And I ended up with my favorite character of all, yes, Cristina Yang. I blogged about it minutes ago, just scroll down a bit to read my entry. Anyway, here's what the result says :

~You are Christina! Sarcasm is your humor of choice. You are very intelligent but you do need to work on your bedside manner. There are not many people that you really care for, but when you do, youll do whatever it takes to keep them safe. You are very loyal and an extreme hard worker.~

I think that this is also the reason why some people hate me. The sarcasm part is something that I can't help doing. I take time to assess what I just said, too late, I said it already. So when it comes to the drama part, my drama is your drama if you feel me too, but if it's your drama, keep it to yourself...that is if were not that close. *kapeesh*