Aug 7, 2011

♥-ed Sunday

I love Sunday afternoons. Before my week starts, I can have time to realize and sometimes think about simple stuff that brings happiness. Today, I noticed that my blog looks dry and gray. Except for the cute font that I am using -Pacifico, and the cute background which I think will stick to my blog for a while, my posts are coming from the heart but going back through it doesn't bring any "oohhs" and 'ahhs"(something like that). And because I have a tumblr account which doesn't bore me that much even if I browse it over and over again, that gave me an idea, "Why not include a sort-of-meme every week with pictures included relating to what I want to happen in my life (plus anything random)!" Using cute and inspirational images would make me want to post something even if it's just once a week.:) The images that I am going to use is also used for reblogs and I read the terms and services, using the images is not included as one of their "dont's", after all, the images are also "heart-ed" over the net.

Now here's my first post for "♥-ed Sunday"

- I am always pressed for time and it's my fault. I tend to forget about my priorities. When I know that I still have time to do stuff like projects or homework, I try finishing it 2 hours before the deadline, only finishing it sloppy-ly and that is half the grade. I tend to not finish anything then gets pissed which ruins my day completely. I hate this so I'ma need to get my act straight or I will lose my scholarship and get disappointed for the rest of my life.

- I know, but when you have a sister-in-law like mine, you haven't felt the literal meaning of hate. Spent the whole morning hating her because of how she manipulates my in-laws, making them look stupid. I never felt this hatred to anyone before, until now. In times like this, I seek help to God and ask for answers and forgiveness, and today, God wanted me to know this:
... that you become what you do. Life molds itself into the shape of your actions, - do something long enough and you become it. Fighting for peace makes more war. Loving for peace makes more peace.
I agree, the feeling eats me up that I get tired and restless. I just hope and pray that this patience of mine will work and I hope it'll be thick as steel. My prayer is for mama (my mom-in-law), hope that her weak heart can get through this and hope that she will soon realize one day that her being manipulated by someo
ne who's not even her real daughter should totally end before she gets a heart attack.

- And since tomorrow is Monday, I totally need 2 of this. Tomorrow's the university's foundation day and supposedly no classes right? Not really but I am expecting it to be because I want to watch the cheering competition. Since it's already announced that we have a regular class tomorrow, make that 4 pills please.