Aug 14, 2011

♥-ed Sunday #02

My weekend I can say has been a not-really-that-relaxed-time because me and Pia stayed at mom's and when this is the case, relaxed is merely a word being recognized on my mom's vocab. Surprisingly, mom didn't say anything about anything that she thinks is too stressful that needs to be brought up or else, she will if she is the mood to do so, but not this weekend. This picture completely describes what and how my weekend went.

Ate ice cream and watched an Indian movie which I greatly recommend- 3 Idiots, the rest was spent anticipating mom's heart to heart talk and then a lot of snooze though the weather was sunny.

Earlier today, after leaving my parents house, my little sister tagged along wanting to upload new songs. There is an internet connection at mom's but it takes 5 minutes for pages to load and literally works slower than a dial up. I was able to download lots off new songs and one will be shared before ending this post. Every week, I have to upload new songs. This keeps me isolated from a world or situations I am trying to avoid- fakeness and bull*****. I can't talk to anyone anymore except my 2 sissys and D. This is why : ..... @school that is. ;)

I am afraid to cut my nails. I am getting signs that my weekend will be a not-so-good one. Connection? I am what they call in vernacular "ok-ok" or I have OCD and that cutting my nails and hair determines if I am going to have a good, bad or worse day. it has been running my life since I was in elementary and I can't help it. There are other rituals that I do before I start my day, and that will be posted if I am in the mood, soon. Having OCD makes you feel a bit like this:


...and then, here comes the song which has been an LSS for days now. This song completely says how I feel with one of my relationship in the past. Getting over that person is hard especially when he invades my dream every now and then. He is married now and I have a wonderful D and an adorable daughter though sometimes, reminiscing can't be helped especially when songs like this are made to make you feel nostalgic.

(click on the album cover to listen to the song.)

Have a fantastic weekend y'all! Happy ♥-ed Sunday! ;)