Aug 31, 2011

:( = ;)

In times, I get to feel so good & inspired but as soon at I feel that good in a flash, it goes right to the lowest level, I feel like crap. I want to include people in my life besides my 4 sides of the family but those people tend to shut me out. The time when I feel like I found someone whom I know will probably become my BFF but then I'm wrong. Is there something wrong with me when I prefer to stay with my daughter rather than going with my akala-ko-bff at such a regular day, regular because I know that there is nothing much to drink about And they like want to do it every after class. Besides, I am not wasting my 4 hours part time job as a tutor to pay for drinks that I think doesn't deserve a cheer of some sort. Anyway, I am not blaming anyone. I just think that people are that lame to give you a cold shoulder just because I bailed over a few non-celebratory drink. I did go out once with a cool gay friend, I say he is cool because he is not the kind who's loud and you know, colorful. I was able to get to know him, though he might seem like the person you would wanna hang out with but turned out, he can't seem to go with my Cristina Yang attitude. I am not mean, I just think that too much drama is just unacceptable, too much is always not good, right?? Wow, didn't realize that I just answered my question.:) The only people who can deal with my attitude are my closest family. I just lol-ed. *phew* that was fun.:)