Aug 31, 2011

i can be Cristina Yang too!

Today, I was able to finish season 7 of Gray's anatomy and because the cast of Gray's Anatomy has been keeping me company for how many days now, I decided to take this quiz - Which Gray's Anatomy Character Are You? And I ended up with my favorite character of all, yes, Cristina Yang. I blogged about it minutes ago, just scroll down a bit to read my entry. Anyway, here's what the result says :

~You are Christina! Sarcasm is your humor of choice. You are very intelligent but you do need to work on your bedside manner. There are not many people that you really care for, but when you do, youll do whatever it takes to keep them safe. You are very loyal and an extreme hard worker.~

I think that this is also the reason why some people hate me. The sarcasm part is something that I can't help doing. I take time to assess what I just said, too late, I said it already. So when it comes to the drama part, my drama is your drama if you feel me too, but if it's your drama, keep it to yourself...that is if were not that close. *kapeesh*

:( = ;)

In times, I get to feel so good & inspired but as soon at I feel that good in a flash, it goes right to the lowest level, I feel like crap. I want to include people in my life besides my 4 sides of the family but those people tend to shut me out. The time when I feel like I found someone whom I know will probably become my BFF but then I'm wrong. Is there something wrong with me when I prefer to stay with my daughter rather than going with my akala-ko-bff at such a regular day, regular because I know that there is nothing much to drink about And they like want to do it every after class. Besides, I am not wasting my 4 hours part time job as a tutor to pay for drinks that I think doesn't deserve a cheer of some sort. Anyway, I am not blaming anyone. I just think that people are that lame to give you a cold shoulder just because I bailed over a few non-celebratory drink. I did go out once with a cool gay friend, I say he is cool because he is not the kind who's loud and you know, colorful. I was able to get to know him, though he might seem like the person you would wanna hang out with but turned out, he can't seem to go with my Cristina Yang attitude. I am not mean, I just think that too much drama is just unacceptable, too much is always not good, right?? Wow, didn't realize that I just answered my question.:) The only people who can deal with my attitude are my closest family. I just lol-ed. *phew* that was fun.:)

Aug 19, 2011


It's almost 4 in the morning and had my second cup of coffee 2 hours ago and still no plans of going to bed. I already started a post earlier that started with "I am pissed and mad...." but decided just to end it there. My blogging mojo ain't working and once again, that post could've been a major whine which is one of the few things that I'm expert at. So anyway, after cancelling my first post and all done with my take home work load, I decided to visit blogs of people I adore when it comes to their blogging talent. As usual, going through their posts killed an hour of my time and at the same time stirred my once again envious and pitiful emotion.

- Pity because, when I read their posts, it's like they have their life all figured out and my life ain't working that way or which I think otherwise. I mean, I am grateful that my family is not demanding much on what I should do except get all 8's in every subject and to take care of my daughter which I think, is what I'm doing already. Besides this 2, I have the option to do what I want and I noticed that I am more on choosing the boring side of me. I started limiting my social life to 1%, and yes this is by choice. I mean I am happy being who I am now but I feel like the limit is too much that I might grow shells at the back of me for being too boring and might just be a hermit with a wriggler attached, and yes a wriggler alright- in contrast to my daughter's uber hyper mood. My 3 year old daughter has more social life than me and I am happy for her, too happy, ready to be cracked.

- Envious because when I am planning of getting inked with ampersand, someone already did, or when I am dreaming of going to new york to be a fashion correspondent, someone already hopped on a plane and did that ahead of me, or when I am dreaming of wearing something unique, someone already wore it a month ahead of me and I, could go on and on and on blabbing about endless "someone already did it", blogger and facebook often makes me a sourpuss.

Aug 14, 2011

♥-ed Sunday #02

My weekend I can say has been a not-really-that-relaxed-time because me and Pia stayed at mom's and when this is the case, relaxed is merely a word being recognized on my mom's vocab. Surprisingly, mom didn't say anything about anything that she thinks is too stressful that needs to be brought up or else, she will if she is the mood to do so, but not this weekend. This picture completely describes what and how my weekend went.

Ate ice cream and watched an Indian movie which I greatly recommend- 3 Idiots, the rest was spent anticipating mom's heart to heart talk and then a lot of snooze though the weather was sunny.

Earlier today, after leaving my parents house, my little sister tagged along wanting to upload new songs. There is an internet connection at mom's but it takes 5 minutes for pages to load and literally works slower than a dial up. I was able to download lots off new songs and one will be shared before ending this post. Every week, I have to upload new songs. This keeps me isolated from a world or situations I am trying to avoid- fakeness and bull*****. I can't talk to anyone anymore except my 2 sissys and D. This is why : ..... @school that is. ;)

I am afraid to cut my nails. I am getting signs that my weekend will be a not-so-good one. Connection? I am what they call in vernacular "ok-ok" or I have OCD and that cutting my nails and hair determines if I am going to have a good, bad or worse day. it has been running my life since I was in elementary and I can't help it. There are other rituals that I do before I start my day, and that will be posted if I am in the mood, soon. Having OCD makes you feel a bit like this:


...and then, here comes the song which has been an LSS for days now. This song completely says how I feel with one of my relationship in the past. Getting over that person is hard especially when he invades my dream every now and then. He is married now and I have a wonderful D and an adorable daughter though sometimes, reminiscing can't be helped especially when songs like this are made to make you feel nostalgic.

(click on the album cover to listen to the song.)

Have a fantastic weekend y'all! Happy ♥-ed Sunday! ;)

Aug 11, 2011

needs tips for lame blog

Was thinking about what my topic would be today. So while thinking, I went on a blog-hop-spree. First, I did some reblogs on tumblr, and then I tested the new feature of twitter where in you can upload pictures directly without having to create a separate account like yfrog and twitpic. After that, I browsed on more stuff online specifically blogs of famous people and then it hit me, my blog is lame. By lame, I mean not about the content but the vocabs being used. Them, being famous is already intimidating, and then, reading their blog makes me feel like I am still learning how to write my a b c's. Man, they are so good with whatever they do on TV and add up the amazing-ness of how they write is equals to- me, being totally amazed and then wanting to learn from them. Being a writer or an editor is not what I see myself doing 5 years from now and that is also the reason why I chose AB Broadcasting instead of AB Comm as my major. I am obviously a sloppy writer but this is not what intend to be in like, forever, that is why I am willing to learn. I'ma get tips from my Blogger Idols and hopefully, I can apply their awesome-ness to blog on mine too.

Aug 8, 2011

...just so

I hate school! Not that there's anything new about this but I am saying it just so. Being a sophomore student is like going back to high school days with high school dramas. And the system of the school is just as lousy as I can remember 3 years back. I may have an uber high pride just like what my mom keeps saying every time we get into a bickering mood but I am still a person who can't survive without interacting with another even if that means that I have to listen to their love life and crushes and how they deal with puberty. I wish I can skip this year and be a proud 3rd year student who is starting to learn something about video editing and how to make documentaries and such, you know, learn about the chosen field and to do/learn how to be good on your soon-be-job, not talk about ribosomes, photosynthesis and how to get high scores in playing darts. I mean, I am not getting younger and having to deal with this curriculum doesn't make me feel younger, worst - makes me feel that I am super left behind.

- 4 years from now, when I get to read this post again, I'ma give a relief smile and say, I love my alma mater, I am such a whiner back then. :))

Aug 7, 2011

♥-ed Sunday

I love Sunday afternoons. Before my week starts, I can have time to realize and sometimes think about simple stuff that brings happiness. Today, I noticed that my blog looks dry and gray. Except for the cute font that I am using -Pacifico, and the cute background which I think will stick to my blog for a while, my posts are coming from the heart but going back through it doesn't bring any "oohhs" and 'ahhs"(something like that). And because I have a tumblr account which doesn't bore me that much even if I browse it over and over again, that gave me an idea, "Why not include a sort-of-meme every week with pictures included relating to what I want to happen in my life (plus anything random)!" Using cute and inspirational images would make me want to post something even if it's just once a week.:) The images that I am going to use is also used for reblogs and I read the terms and services, using the images is not included as one of their "dont's", after all, the images are also "heart-ed" over the net.

Now here's my first post for "♥-ed Sunday"

- I am always pressed for time and it's my fault. I tend to forget about my priorities. When I know that I still have time to do stuff like projects or homework, I try finishing it 2 hours before the deadline, only finishing it sloppy-ly and that is half the grade. I tend to not finish anything then gets pissed which ruins my day completely. I hate this so I'ma need to get my act straight or I will lose my scholarship and get disappointed for the rest of my life.

- I know, but when you have a sister-in-law like mine, you haven't felt the literal meaning of hate. Spent the whole morning hating her because of how she manipulates my in-laws, making them look stupid. I never felt this hatred to anyone before, until now. In times like this, I seek help to God and ask for answers and forgiveness, and today, God wanted me to know this:
... that you become what you do. Life molds itself into the shape of your actions, - do something long enough and you become it. Fighting for peace makes more war. Loving for peace makes more peace.
I agree, the feeling eats me up that I get tired and restless. I just hope and pray that this patience of mine will work and I hope it'll be thick as steel. My prayer is for mama (my mom-in-law), hope that her weak heart can get through this and hope that she will soon realize one day that her being manipulated by someo
ne who's not even her real daughter should totally end before she gets a heart attack.

- And since tomorrow is Monday, I totally need 2 of this. Tomorrow's the university's foundation day and supposedly no classes right? Not really but I am expecting it to be because I want to watch the cheering competition. Since it's already announced that we have a regular class tomorrow, make that 4 pills please.

Aug 3, 2011


August is here! That fast I know! And then after this, it's the start of -ber months. :)
Things I am looking forward for this month in bullets...
  • D's birthday!
  • my water therapy will go, I hope that I can last for the whole month.
  • well midterms is counted I guess because I just saw my first grading grades and it's disappointing beyond disappointing.
  • Wearing of uniform starts this month too so another thing to look forward to.
  • Our 3 days vacation after midterms exam.
  • August 15 is D's birthday and fortunately, it's holiday in Korea so no work for me.
This is all the realistic things that I am looking forward to for this month. I ain't got enough time as usual so gotta go. :)