Jul 13, 2011

self proclaimed holiday

A rainy week for us, fellow Baguio bloggers! :)
We don't have class tomorrow that's why I'm back again to the blogosphere. I know, I have been squeezing my schedule between my other responsibilities and my time and energy is not enough to fill up my blog with posts and updates. I am so thankful because I was given a slacking time tonight to make a post.

So tomorrow is a holiday for the Human Sciences' department. We have the "Day & Night" event where beauty and brains get to compete for the title of miss Human Science 2011 and freshman students can showcase their talents, in short, a social event to get to know the stars and the soon-to-be stars. We are required to attend but me, I declared it as no classes for myself. Yeah, there are plus points to those who will be attending. I will probably go if:
  • ...I am on the age bracket of 16-20.
  • ...if I am not a mom. (very important)
  • ...if I have the luxury of spending my money on kid's stuff booths (e.g. wedding booth)
  • ...if I don't have a part time job.
  • ...if I am a member of the SB.
  • ...if there is a Spongebob mascot for my Pia to see.
  • ...if 75 bucks is not required for us to pay just so the basketball team can have funds for themselves.
Yes, yes...KJ, cheapskate, and heartless as I am, the above mentioned are the reasons why I prefer to stay home, spend time with my daughter and use my money to pig out on ice creams and junk foods with D and Pia while watching cartoon network, in short, family time. This is not just sour grapes because they are young and carefree and all. I'm just saying that this events are not that amusing for me anymore.

You know what's amusing for me? Hearing D and Pia's snore while sipping coffee then all cuddled up ready to continue my Grey's Anatomy marathon and yes, that is what I am about to do now. *nyt*