Jul 21, 2011

randomness on a Thursday

Is once again blogging here at the office. I have more than an hour break. I am also having dinner while doing this post, spaghetti anyone? Anyway, my PC has a virus, had to bring it to a pc technician to get have it removed yesterday. It's preventing me to use wireless connection and some of my files has been acting weird lately when I am trying to access it. I remembered weeks ago, I actually had a warning from my anti-virus program that there's a trojan virus but after a few seconds after the virus message popped up, I got another message saying that it has been succefully removed only to find out 4 days ago that it's not. Another unexpected cut from my budget.

Speaking of budget, my paycheck went to stuff that are worth spending on and it is one highlight of my week. Afer 6 paychecks, finally, I was able to open a savings account for my daughter. I had been meaning to do it eversince I started working as freelance EPC but I was too shy to ask the employees at the bank about what I should do first. I finally had the guts to ask someone because working for 4 hours without buying or doing something for my daughter was not worth working for, and this feeling has been bothering me since I started working. I just got the ATM card yesterday and I have to change the pin asap which was supposedly done today but I totally forgot to check the temporary pin. I'ma try to do it tomorrow and also, I am gonna get my laptop tomorrow afternoon. I am still not comfortable using another pc for blogging.

I really want to update my blog more often, but have this sickness where I ran out of words if I have a time to blog. My blogging mojo jump started tonight for some reason. This week has been stressful for me becuase in case I didn't mention it yet, our first grading exam started 2 days ago. I have 2 more examsto finish, one for tomorrow and on Saturday. Saturday is my mom's birthday too, good thing my little sis reminded me about that. No special plans (yet). We might go out for dinner. :)

Before I end this post, how's the last Harry Potter movie? Leave a comment if you don't mind, I want reviews from fellow Baguio bloggers. ;)