Jul 25, 2011

Monday Mishap #02

Happy Monday! (I think)...

No mishaps from school today, clap clap clap for me.:) I just want to share a few disappointments because I think that my Monday is not complete without it. First of, I once again changed my blog URL. This is the 3rd time actually and I don't like it but I don't have a choice. You see, when I blog, it comforts me to know that some of the people who reads my blog is a friend from the blogosphere whom I know just by her blog posts and just that. If given the chance to meet them personally is nice too. I added it to my disappointments-list because I found out that linking it to my facebook account is not a good idea because, my boss found out about it and he started reading my posts. I found out about it because he was giving hints that he reads my blog just by asking something related to what I blogged about. Also, when I blog about something personal, my 2 sisters reads about it, which is okay for me but they gave a comment which got me thinking, they said, what if our tattletale cousin (who is one of my friend on facebook) reads about it then will give it a different meaning then will share it her family members which for sure will be/cause a negative thing for me. It might also be the same thing with my boss and other friends who might take it the wrong way even it's not my intention to do so. When I blog, it's what I am feeling at the moment and when I am frustrated or pissed, I still blog about it bahala na kung sino matamaan because that is who I am. This is my reliever so mind your own business, something like that. Hopefully, this is my permanent blog URL, (I think it will). No more linking to my social sites except twitter.:)

The other thing that is a major major disappointment for this week is missing the chance of meeting P-noy (President Noynoy Aquino) on Friday. Yeah, this sucks big time! One of my instructor had already submitted my name on the list of students selected to meet P-noy personally for his post SONA analysis which will be done at the University of Baguio gym on Friday and get this, we can ask him personally about the contents of his SONA which was today, which I will be watching the replay because I have a class earlier. But then I am not going BECAUSE they needed my email address and contact number which for some reason was not on my students school online information and they needed these infos last Saturday. According to my instructor, they already passed the tentative list 2 days ago. A big *sigh* and an "oh well, sucks to be me" is all I can say for now. I still gave my instructor the list of the information needed just in case somebody included on the list won't make it.

Heading to the office in a bit. Hope that work treats me well tonight. kbye. :)