Jul 1, 2011

i can smell you - flu

Hi, just got home from work. Finally using the PC at home, I can get to blog comfortably. I should be sleeping right now because I have to (need to) get up early to review but since D and Pia is now sound asleep, I can have a quite time to blog.

So anyway, I think I might be getting sick this week. 2 days ago, my throat started to hurt. D gave me an anti-bacterial capsule but it's not making me feel better, (I mean, not yet). Then yesterday, I was supposed to have my DMPA shots but I was a week late after the said date so I have to wait for my period before they can give me the shot again. So included with the shots are checking of my BP and my weight. For my BP, it was 90/60 and my weight dropped down from 40kg - 39 kilos. And then earlier today, my co-workers said that I look so pale and haggard. Now, my head is heavy and just by merely moving my eyeballs hurt. Is it going to be colds? Maybe. I am hoping though that if I am going to be sick, I hope it will not start tomorrow or on Saturday because I can't skip my exams. Did I mention that our prelims exam started today? I think I mentioned it but on my less serious blog. I can't believe that it's July already.

Okay, gtg, I'm hungry, I wonder what's for dinner?