Jul 26, 2011

bye Amy

Just felt an earthquake just now. Scared the hell out of me. Yes, I am still up because of so many homework to finish. Finally done with 2 for tonight. I might go to bed after this post because right now, I am surprised with myself, trying to finish my homework knowing that the due date is still on Wednesday. I have p.e. class 8:30 tomorrow so I really need to sleep after this.

This post is actually,my saying Goodbye to Amy Winehouse. As most of you already know, she passed away last Saturday because of, still, an unknown reason. When I found out about it, D was not around. I wanted to see his reaction first because he was the one who introduced me to her songs. D loves Amy's songs. I am supposed to upload a song on my tumblr account to let you listen to her song which D loved so much but unfortunate as I am, my computer was reformatted days ago, deleting all the songs that was saved but the song is still on my iPod though. The title of the song is "Addicted". You can search it on YouTube if you are a curious one. They said that it was expected but not that soon I guess. She's just 27 years old. I read on an article about her being included on the "27 Club", club for famous musicians/people who died of the same age. I hate blogging about death, but since D loves this singer so much, and I started to like her music as well with D's influence, all I can say is, "your music lives on".

RIP Amy Winehouse.

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  1. Amy's death is tragic only because she's so young. But I can't say it wasn't expected as well, everyone knows she was abusing drugs, it's just sad that she didn't have enough time to stop and re-think her actions. But like so many musicians before her, she will live on through her songs..

    Happy mid week Jill!