Jul 26, 2011

bye Amy

Just felt an earthquake just now. Scared the hell out of me. Yes, I am still up because of so many homework to finish. Finally done with 2 for tonight. I might go to bed after this post because right now, I am surprised with myself, trying to finish my homework knowing that the due date is still on Wednesday. I have p.e. class 8:30 tomorrow so I really need to sleep after this.

This post is actually,my saying Goodbye to Amy Winehouse. As most of you already know, she passed away last Saturday because of, still, an unknown reason. When I found out about it, D was not around. I wanted to see his reaction first because he was the one who introduced me to her songs. D loves Amy's songs. I am supposed to upload a song on my tumblr account to let you listen to her song which D loved so much but unfortunate as I am, my computer was reformatted days ago, deleting all the songs that was saved but the song is still on my iPod though. The title of the song is "Addicted". You can search it on YouTube if you are a curious one. They said that it was expected but not that soon I guess. She's just 27 years old. I read on an article about her being included on the "27 Club", club for famous musicians/people who died of the same age. I hate blogging about death, but since D loves this singer so much, and I started to like her music as well with D's influence, all I can say is, "your music lives on".

RIP Amy Winehouse.

Jul 25, 2011

Monday Mishap #02

Happy Monday! (I think)...

No mishaps from school today, clap clap clap for me.:) I just want to share a few disappointments because I think that my Monday is not complete without it. First of, I once again changed my blog URL. This is the 3rd time actually and I don't like it but I don't have a choice. You see, when I blog, it comforts me to know that some of the people who reads my blog is a friend from the blogosphere whom I know just by her blog posts and just that. If given the chance to meet them personally is nice too. I added it to my disappointments-list because I found out that linking it to my facebook account is not a good idea because, my boss found out about it and he started reading my posts. I found out about it because he was giving hints that he reads my blog just by asking something related to what I blogged about. Also, when I blog about something personal, my 2 sisters reads about it, which is okay for me but they gave a comment which got me thinking, they said, what if our tattletale cousin (who is one of my friend on facebook) reads about it then will give it a different meaning then will share it her family members which for sure will be/cause a negative thing for me. It might also be the same thing with my boss and other friends who might take it the wrong way even it's not my intention to do so. When I blog, it's what I am feeling at the moment and when I am frustrated or pissed, I still blog about it bahala na kung sino matamaan because that is who I am. This is my reliever so mind your own business, something like that. Hopefully, this is my permanent blog URL, (I think it will). No more linking to my social sites except twitter.:)

The other thing that is a major major disappointment for this week is missing the chance of meeting P-noy (President Noynoy Aquino) on Friday. Yeah, this sucks big time! One of my instructor had already submitted my name on the list of students selected to meet P-noy personally for his post SONA analysis which will be done at the University of Baguio gym on Friday and get this, we can ask him personally about the contents of his SONA which was today, which I will be watching the replay because I have a class earlier. But then I am not going BECAUSE they needed my email address and contact number which for some reason was not on my students school online information and they needed these infos last Saturday. According to my instructor, they already passed the tentative list 2 days ago. A big *sigh* and an "oh well, sucks to be me" is all I can say for now. I still gave my instructor the list of the information needed just in case somebody included on the list won't make it.

Heading to the office in a bit. Hope that work treats me well tonight. kbye. :)

Jul 21, 2011

randomness on a Thursday

Is once again blogging here at the office. I have more than an hour break. I am also having dinner while doing this post, spaghetti anyone? Anyway, my PC has a virus, had to bring it to a pc technician to get have it removed yesterday. It's preventing me to use wireless connection and some of my files has been acting weird lately when I am trying to access it. I remembered weeks ago, I actually had a warning from my anti-virus program that there's a trojan virus but after a few seconds after the virus message popped up, I got another message saying that it has been succefully removed only to find out 4 days ago that it's not. Another unexpected cut from my budget.

Speaking of budget, my paycheck went to stuff that are worth spending on and it is one highlight of my week. Afer 6 paychecks, finally, I was able to open a savings account for my daughter. I had been meaning to do it eversince I started working as freelance EPC but I was too shy to ask the employees at the bank about what I should do first. I finally had the guts to ask someone because working for 4 hours without buying or doing something for my daughter was not worth working for, and this feeling has been bothering me since I started working. I just got the ATM card yesterday and I have to change the pin asap which was supposedly done today but I totally forgot to check the temporary pin. I'ma try to do it tomorrow and also, I am gonna get my laptop tomorrow afternoon. I am still not comfortable using another pc for blogging.

I really want to update my blog more often, but have this sickness where I ran out of words if I have a time to blog. My blogging mojo jump started tonight for some reason. This week has been stressful for me becuase in case I didn't mention it yet, our first grading exam started 2 days ago. I have 2 more examsto finish, one for tomorrow and on Saturday. Saturday is my mom's birthday too, good thing my little sis reminded me about that. No special plans (yet). We might go out for dinner. :)

Before I end this post, how's the last Harry Potter movie? Leave a comment if you don't mind, I want reviews from fellow Baguio bloggers. ;)

Jul 13, 2011

self proclaimed holiday

A rainy week for us, fellow Baguio bloggers! :)
We don't have class tomorrow that's why I'm back again to the blogosphere. I know, I have been squeezing my schedule between my other responsibilities and my time and energy is not enough to fill up my blog with posts and updates. I am so thankful because I was given a slacking time tonight to make a post.

So tomorrow is a holiday for the Human Sciences' department. We have the "Day & Night" event where beauty and brains get to compete for the title of miss Human Science 2011 and freshman students can showcase their talents, in short, a social event to get to know the stars and the soon-to-be stars. We are required to attend but me, I declared it as no classes for myself. Yeah, there are plus points to those who will be attending. I will probably go if:
  • ...I am on the age bracket of 16-20.
  • ...if I am not a mom. (very important)
  • ...if I have the luxury of spending my money on kid's stuff booths (e.g. wedding booth)
  • ...if I don't have a part time job.
  • ...if I am a member of the SB.
  • ...if there is a Spongebob mascot for my Pia to see.
  • ...if 75 bucks is not required for us to pay just so the basketball team can have funds for themselves.
Yes, yes...KJ, cheapskate, and heartless as I am, the above mentioned are the reasons why I prefer to stay home, spend time with my daughter and use my money to pig out on ice creams and junk foods with D and Pia while watching cartoon network, in short, family time. This is not just sour grapes because they are young and carefree and all. I'm just saying that this events are not that amusing for me anymore.

You know what's amusing for me? Hearing D and Pia's snore while sipping coffee then all cuddled up ready to continue my Grey's Anatomy marathon and yes, that is what I am about to do now. *nyt*

Jul 1, 2011

i can smell you - flu

Hi, just got home from work. Finally using the PC at home, I can get to blog comfortably. I should be sleeping right now because I have to (need to) get up early to review but since D and Pia is now sound asleep, I can have a quite time to blog.

So anyway, I think I might be getting sick this week. 2 days ago, my throat started to hurt. D gave me an anti-bacterial capsule but it's not making me feel better, (I mean, not yet). Then yesterday, I was supposed to have my DMPA shots but I was a week late after the said date so I have to wait for my period before they can give me the shot again. So included with the shots are checking of my BP and my weight. For my BP, it was 90/60 and my weight dropped down from 40kg - 39 kilos. And then earlier today, my co-workers said that I look so pale and haggard. Now, my head is heavy and just by merely moving my eyeballs hurt. Is it going to be colds? Maybe. I am hoping though that if I am going to be sick, I hope it will not start tomorrow or on Saturday because I can't skip my exams. Did I mention that our prelims exam started today? I think I mentioned it but on my less serious blog. I can't believe that it's July already.

Okay, gtg, I'm hungry, I wonder what's for dinner?